Inside this issue:

Regarding the missing cat at West End.
For the help received in our recent search, we extend our sincere thanks. With sorrow and sadness, we retrieved the shattered remains of our 'Blackie'  At least we now know where he is. The only consolation we have, (for the heartache and sorrow) is the old saying; "Bad luck follows the killing of a black cat".
Once again many thanks.

Lena and Bill Marshall. Tel: XXXXXX

Dear Sir,

               As the writer of the advance notice about Easter Sunday's afternoon events (page 7, March edition of Village life), May I hasten to correct a common mistake made by the proof reader which suggests that the residents of Northwold may be actively in favour of Capital Punishment.
The gate into the Churchyard is not a Lynch-gate, but a Lich-gate or Lych-gate. Lich is Old English for Corpse, and at funerals, the priest meeting the corpse at the entrance to the Churchyard, was required to begin the service there. At other times the cortege may have had to await the arrival of the priest. Hence, the need for shelter arose - and the term lich-gate.
May I also correct the notice about the Jubilee Garden Party. This will be held in the Churchyard, not in the meadow as stated. Thank you.

Jane Luckman

Apologies Jane, I can take full responsibility
for the Lynch-gate. It was 1am on a
Monday morning - and I was rather
lacking on my local history. Graeme.

Dear Editor,

It was with some interest that I read the article by Nigel Tuffnell on Green Living as I am a 'green' woman in most of my ways. However, it was also with some astonishment since suggesting to women that reusable sanitary protection should be revived in order to protect our environment is rather surprising from a man in 2002. Reusable 'rags' as they were called in my grandmother's time may have been necessary then in the absence of anything more acceptable - after all she was born over 100 years ago. One century later women are often employed outside the home, shopping takes place miles from the home, children require accompanying to schools, more time is spent in leisure activities such as swimming and cycling. Where is there a man who would carry 'rags' around in his briefcase all day in order to protect the environment?. I doubt there is one and I would sincerely doubt that there are many women -  'rags' disappeared many years ago with the introduction of more comfortable and hygienic items.
A more acceptable and practical suggestion must surely be to encourage research and

development to produce more environmentally friendly disposable products.
Yours faithfully,

Veronica Hutchby

Um, I think I'll leave this one to Nigel, Graeme.

Dear Editor and Team,
I would just like to congratulate you on the idea of putting Village Life on the internet. As a mother of two children who attend both the Pre-School and the Primary School in Northwold I like to keep abreast of activities in Northwold village. This is obviously quite difficult because we live in Oxborough and although copies of Village Life are available from Northwold Post Office I keep forgetting to buy them! Keep up the good work.

Rebecca Ashley
West Wing, Chantry House, Oxborough

Dear Mr. Whiting,
Congratulations on your new-born website for Northwold. It looks good and will undoubtedly do some good. I will try to become an occasional contributor later this year. Yours sincerely,

Jim Norris
25 West End Northwold

Thank you both on behalf of the Village Life team - it does make a difference. Graeme.