Fangio's greatest drive
By Michael Parfitt
How many people remember their National Service.    National service was something that every male person was legally obliged to do  on reaching the age of 18. How often do you hear it said, 'They ought to bring back National Service'. This I have found is a remark more likely to be made by those who never did National Service, than by those who did.  'Make a man of you', they tell you. Do you the world of good. I mean there was nothing more beneficial to a thick old country yobbo (Speak for yourself Parfitt), than being dragged away from home, shouted at, sworn at, chased around all day every day, never doing anything right. 20 mile route marches carrying all your kit, in the pouring rain. Did the world of good that did. And then after they mistakenly thought that they had turned you into some sort of useful individual, they send you off to foreign climes to what end nobody knew. Malaya was reckoned to be a place of some interest at the time. Ask anybody who went there. In constant danger of being shot dead for reasons nobody understood. Did you the world of good that didů
But, like everything else, it had it's good side. Remember, this was in the days before foreign holidays were thought about - one might be lucky enough to go somewhere abroad where the going was reasonably smooth, like Germany for instance. Now bearing in mind to the best of my memory, that there were 12 Deutchmarks to the pound, and 100 pfennigs to the Deutchmark, and you could buy a beer in the local pub for 30 pfennigs, you could blow your brains out for a few shillings, providing that you had any in the first place. In fact nothing cost very much to a serviceman in Germany in the

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