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Northwold P.T.F.A.
School Carnival
Saturday 8th June 2002

Theme:-  ROYALTY

If you require a stall or are thinking of entering a float would you please contact Debbie Durrance or myself as soon as possible.

Roger Preston

Well, another edition over...and another just begins.
Apologies that this edition is somewhat late off the presses - unfortunately work and family commitments have kept me busy for the past few weeks.
But there, so long as it gets out eventually then I'm reasonably happy that I've done my bit for the village - sorry, villages.
Michael has, as ever, done a marvellous job of getting the articles, photos and letters together. Apart from the 25 advertisements that Chris has to keep tabs on, we've got 30+ pieces of copy in this edition - each one of which has to be compiled and logged - just so we don't miss anything. Talking of missing things, sorry if you've submitted an article and it's not been published…we do keep a record of these and they will be included when space permits.
Keep the articles coming though!


Picture Poser
Here's one for our more senior citizens - this is a picture of a local person, still resident in Northwold. They were dressed as a Jockey, and assembled at Eyles' (probably Barkers at the time). They rode in a horse-drawn wagon (or cart) to the Little School in Hall Lane for Judging.
So, tell us who is in the photo?, and what was the occasion? Clues:

  • Over 50 years ago (so wasn't Queen Elizabeth's Coronation)
  • They lived at Watermill Farm at the time
  • The jockey's colours were Red, White and Blue
Answers to Michael Parfitt please.

Whittington's News
Janet Burns reports on activities in and around Whittington.

Fenland Rivers
Past And Present

Jim and Sally Hawkins did a wonderful job securing David Masters, retired Superintendent of Denver Sluice complex.
Mr Masters told us of the enormous amount of work needed over the centuries and now to keep us supplied with water in the Summer, provide fertile land for farming and keep the Winter flooding controlled in Welney washes. 
Jim and Sally also sponsored the whole event providing us with endless free tea and coffee and warm sausage rolls. We extend a very warm thank you to them for giving us such and interesting and enjoyable evening.
What's more the evening raised £216.95p

Forthcoming events
Saturday 13th April
7.30 pm in the Church.
Meeting to review the past 6 months events, air your views, decide whether to continue with a proper constitution and committee and if so how. Hear how the PCC are faring with fund raising and plans for amenities.
£1.50p including refreshments. 50/50 raffle. We would like a large attendance and you will be most welcome.

Saturday 8th June
2pm to 4pm
Whittington School reunion. Please contact Mrs Janet Allen 728516 or Mrs Mary Cross 328469 with offers of help now or on the day. Look out your memorabilia now. Cakes, (to be sold at the end if surplus) and raffle Prizes.

Don't forget to also start thinking about Jubilee celebrations.


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