"...the Death of King Edward and the sinking of the Titanic."
These memories were transcribed by Toni Arthur-Hay from a diary of a Northwold man who died in 1994.
His family requested his anonymity.

Having been born in the late eighteen hundreds in a small village in Norfolk to a big family where every-body knows every-body and most of the people very friendly and could get on well together, and the children all mixed. There were two schools and a village hall and that's where e used to hold all the games that were played, but in later years they did get a playing field which made things much better for the children where they held the garden Fetes but most children seemed to be happy just making there own games.
Nearly all the village people had a big family, at that time and the parents had to rely on the farmers for employment as there was no other work to be had, as the children grew up they didn't want farm work so they just left the village for the towns to get work.
As children not many of us saw a train or the sea side. Mothers and Fathers had'nt got the money to take us any-where they had to be satisfied with village life. I can remember running errands for different people, also for my gran-mother that lived in the village. She used to set by the fire puffing her little short clay pipe in the alms House two rooms and the old four poster bed with the curtains all round.
I can remember my first job, on

Saturdays that was for one of the old farmers chopping wood and doing odd jobs for wich I used to get sixpence that was a lot of money at that time, the farm labourers only got ten shillings a week.
Later on when I was about twelve I got another job, for the Lord of the Manor, he was the big man of the village, we had to raise our hat to him. Anyway my job was to shop wood, clean all the family shoes, and run and get the milk mornings and nights seven days a week, for that I got half a crown or if you like two shillings and sixpence. By this time all my older sisters and a Brother had left home and was working in London, so the money I earned helped in the house keeping money. Some-where about that time the troops were on manoeuvres all over the Eastern Countys, and several o f the soldiers were in lodgens in the village, of cause it was all new to us to see a soldier: some of them were in the Scotch Regiment . Other things that stand out in my mind was the Crippen affair also the Death of King Edward and the sinking of the Titanic.
We were surrounded by lots of other little villages with large Halls owned by Lords and Ladies and that made a big difference to the village, as they employed quite a lot of people some of these estates ran into thousands

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