Tots & Co.
We have been busy in March at Tots & Co, in more ways than one! Thanks to certain "sporting" events last year (Football World Cup) and the diabolical television programming, new members of Tots are popping up (for the want of a better phrase!) all over the place. We send our congratulations to the new mums, dads and siblings - without you all what would Tots & Co be.
We have made some lovely things in craft recently, including some bright

and cheery daffodils that you may have seen on the board. Look out for us soon in our new T-shirts - designed especially for us by Claire Cator, with a little hand from Samuel Hinton. We also held an Orchard Toy Party, were we raised nearly 15 in commission. Thank you to everybody who supported that and also by ordering from the Chocolate Catalogue. We mums had a get-together one night, which I really enjoyed - must have more of these in the future!
Our thanks go to Toni who came

along and did a brilliant musical session with us, and managed to cajole the most timid child into joining in. I hope the mums got as much from it; it was very interesting to hear how we can bring rhythm and sound into every day tasks to aid the development of our children, even from when they are tiny babies. I wish I'd taken a camera to record the looks of some of the Tots!
Our last session of the term is on Friday 12th April, and we meet back again on Friday 2nd May. The Health Visitor will be holding clinics on Friday 4th April, and Friday 2nd May.
If you would like any more information on Tots & Co please ring me on 01366 727425.

Caroline Whiting

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