I must just relay a little tale that transpired on the morning of February 14th in the Whiting household.
As is customary on this particular date, Caroline and I both received anonymous cards (just the one each).
This created much interest amongst the children - Joe (aged 6) just doesn't want
anything to do with "soppy" stuff like that - Abbie (nearly 4), being a big Barbie and Ken fan thought is was very exciting and mysterious. Her female interrogation skills being fully developed at this age, her questioning went something like this:-
Mummy, who sent you a card?
I don't know, who do you think?
Abbie: Daddy!
Daddy, who sent you a card?
Me: Let me think, who do you think it was? (looking at Caroline)
UmI think it was Michael!
every time the phone rings, Abbie says "that'll be Michael for Daddy!" - just a reflection of the number of phone calls Mike and I have in order to produce Village Life each month!


Dear Editor,
May I take this opportunity of warning your readers of a danger to their cats, rabbits or chickens.
There are now several foxes around Northwold, seen every day, who love their early evening and early morning walks looking for dinner or breakfast. As a lover of all animals, I understand the fox's need for food but I would rather they did not find it amongst the pet population of Northwold.
There are two lovely cats that visit my garden regularly at night. Unfortunately, one of the foxes also came into my garden and because of this, I will not allow my two delightful rescued cats out at night.
Cats Protection charity suggest that cats should not be out at night because there are so many dangers.
With care and consideration all creatures can co-exist. I hope this is the same for the human race even though we seem to make such a pig's ear of everything!
I enjoy the Village magazine very much, many thanks for your efforts and those of your fellow officers.

Best wishes,
Jane Gathercole

Green Living

Glass: I know that many of us recycle the glass we use even though glass isn't taken away for us with our other recycling. If you don't, please save your glass and get it to one of the many bottle banks. Recycling glass uses 80% less raw materials and 22% less fuel than making glass from scratch. Yet we in the UK only recycle 25% of our glass, the European average is 50% and some European countries manage 80%. Of course it is even better for the environment when we reuse our glass and one easy way is to support the milkman.
We can make our recycling more effective by helping those who

use our waste glass. We can do this by making sure that the glass is clean and by removing corks, lids and anything that isn't glass before dropping it into the bottle bank.
Spectacles can also be recycled to help millions of people around the world who are handicapped because they either can't afford or can't get the glasses they need. Most opticians will take your old spectacles which usually go to a charity called Vision Aid. To find out more phone 01293 535016 or look up www.vao.org.uk.
Please keep your ideas or comments coming in.

Thanks, Nigel

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