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Northwold Monday Group

Yes, it has been decided to continue monthly meetings on the Third Monday each month. Beverage will be served at 10.30 followed by talk at 10.45. A charge of 2.00 will be made - no annual membership - so anyone can come to a single meeting if that subject is of interest to them.
There will be no meeting in April. Notice of May activity next month. The following month will not be Monday nor morning but there are plans afoot to visit the Clematis Nursery for talk, tour and light refreshments on Thursday evening of 26th of June at a cost of 3.00   So that cars can be arranged anyone interested  please contact Pam Eyles.
It seems accepted wisdom that to get something talked about the more mistakes the greater the response.
May I apologise for stating that it was an Age Concern mini-bus that goes into Downham Market for shopping when it is really a Dial-a bus service.
Twice there have been errors made that have referred to me. Last year it was stated that I had resigned from the W I: this year it has been recorded that I had resigned from the Village Hall committee. Neither statement was correct. Last year I decided not to renew my subscription for 2002 and this year I decided not to accept nomination for the committee. The response was greater than the occasions warranted and all because of unnecessary errors.

Pam Eyles

Reports on activities, news and events in and around Northwold

A quiz for teams of four was organised in the village hall by the WI. After ten rounds of fun, and delicious refreshments, the winners by half a point were Mundford, with the two Northwold teams tying for second place.

Care Group
Grace Douglas and Lucy Hogan were waitresses at the Care Group lunch at the Village hall. More customers would be most welcome.
The Care Group would be pleased if anyone can shed light on what has happened to their pudding dishes. We are volunteers trying to provide a service in this village and are disappointed when things disappear. Trays with 3" high letters painted in gloss paint went missing some time ago - now the dishes. Any information to Jim Booty or Pam Eyles.

Parish Council

Once again there are not enough candidates for the Parish Council and there will be no election. Whittington will be represented again by Mr Warner and Mr Peake.
Northwold has 6 nominations for 9 places - Mr J. Booty, Mrs R. Crisp, Mrs C. Sharpe, Mr I. McDowell, Mrs V.Lynch and Mr M. Turver. The three vacancies may be filled by Co-option. Any Offers?

Village Hall

The Village Hall Insurance premium has gone up by nearly 100.
The Committee is applying for grants from all known sources, mainly to replace the roof (Dating from 1873). The Toddlers Group is also trying to obtain funds to remodel the kitchen and toilets.
The village as a whole is being asked to support the hall with any money-raising ideas, and in a village "Open Weekend" on July 12th - 13th.

Notice to Hirers of
Northwold Village hall:
Please remember to treat the Hall well, since other people following you should expect a clean and tidy Hall.
You are welcome to use crockery and cutlery from the Village Hall cupboards, but please do not use other organisations' property. All breakages should be replaced or paid for. Please check that the kitchen and toilets are really clean.
Note that the Council does not collect rubbish from the hall; please take yours home.
Please be economical with electricity and make sure everything is turned off.
Any problems should be reported to the Secretary.
Please note that the Hall Yard is for users of the Hall and NOT a public car park.

Jim Booty

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