Village of the Year

Last year the Parish Council passed the entry forms for 'Village of the Year' to Northwold WI to see if we fancied taking the entry on. After a great deal of thought, all of two minutes, we decided why not? A week later we were wondering if we had bitten off more than we could handle but never daunted we kept going. We were delighted when our village was placed 4th in the category of over 900 people, and even more pleased to find we had scored 96%. The results only came back just before Christmas and I will put these for all to see in the Village Hall.
Now we come to this year and again we were late getting the application forms and only had a week to collate all the information, luckily I had kept last years entries on the computer and not too much had changed since then, so we have again entered and I do hope we can do even better.
We don't know when the judges come round to check that every thing we say is true but it is sometime in June/July. One of the things they look for are blackspots, i.e. dumped unwanted rubbish etc and going by last year we only had one or two.
I do hope the WI have all your support in entering this competition and maybe we will get started earlier next year and be able to get help from some other villagers.

Pat Coles

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