The Parishes of St.Andrews, Northwold, All Saints, Wretton with Stoke Ferry & Christ Church, Whittington

Rector: Revd. Nigel Tuffnell, The Vicarage, Low Road, Wretton - Telephone: 01366 501075 - Email:


he Rector's Letter

Dear friends...

part of us, so that God can use those ancient events to transform us. Our illogical Easter faith allows us to see the hope for peace when all around us are wars and rumours of wars. Our faith allows us to see beyond the problems of this world to the reality hidden in plain view. The eyes of faith can see Christ in the face of the despised and so seeing we can love.
Our Easter faith is also a practical faith because with our eyes open we need to act. People should see us, look into our eyes and see something different. There should be something unearthly in the way we work and the way we are with people. That "something" is hard to define, but it should be "something" respectful, honest and caring. That "something" is the presence of the living Christ in us
- Our Easter Faith.

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter,

Please pray for the family and friends of those who have died recently.

St. Andrew's, Northwold:
Ivy Chandler, aged 91, who was commended to God's keeping on 11th March 2003.

All Saints' Wretton with Stoke Ferry:
Karin Godfrey, aged 60, who died on 3rd February and was commended to God's keeping in Essex.

Muriel Cannel, aged 83, who was commended to God's keeping on 21st February 2003.

John Rix, aged 77, who was commended to God's keeping on 26th February 2003.

"Lord Jesus, you comforted Mary and Martha in their hour of sorrow. Give comfort and support to those who mourn today that they may find peace and hope in you, the Resurrection and the Life. For your tender mercies sake. Amen."

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!
We are an Easter People, with an Easter Faith. We have a faith that defies logic. How can a man rise from the dead? It doesn't happen. But we know that it did happen to Jesus. That first Easter it took Jesus' disciples some time to realise what had happened. It was just too wonderful for them to believe. It took days and several encounters with the risen Jesus before the enormity of it all really started to sink in. It was only when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost that those first disciples felt strong enough to tell others.
Like those disciples it may take us a little while to grasp the enormity of it all but then Easter should give us hope and confidence that through Jesus even death has been conquered. So this month let's soak up the full story of the passion, death and resurrection. Let's make it all

Church Rotas

Christ Church - cleaning & flowers
Mrs. I Eves and Mrs. J. Ducklin

All Saints' - cleaning & flowers
Mrs. E. Russell and Mrs. P. Willis

St. Andrew's - cleaning rota:
Apr 4th Mrs B. Ayres,
Mrs V. Legg
Apr 11th Miss W. Robinson,
Miss R. Sandercock
Apr 18th Mrs J. Elliott,
Miss J. Luckman
Apr 25th Mrs B. Akers,
Mrs L. Bartrum
May 2nd Mr/Mrs K. Cundy,
Mrs C. Sharp
May 9th Miss J. Luckman,
Mrs T. Arthur-Hay

St. Andrew's - Sidesman:
Apr 6th Dr. Norris,
Mrs. Norris
Apr 13th Mrs Sharp,
Mrs MacMullen
Apr 20th Mrs C. Collins,
Mrs Dent
May 4th Mrs Akers,
Mrs Parkinson
May 11th Mrs Elliott,
(A.N. Other)

Sunday School - All Welcome

There is a Sunday School during the main service every Sunday at St. Andrew's Church, Northwold (except for Sunday's with All Age Worship). This is open to any school age child living in the villages of Northwold, Wretton, Stoke Ferry, Whittington and Brookville. If you are not able to stay with your child please drop them off by 10.50 and collect them by 12.15.

Coffee Morning and
Children's Society Boxes

Jenny Elsey is holding a Coffee Morning & Box Opening for the Children's Society on Saturday 5th April from 10.30 at Cumberland House, Old Methwold Road, Whittington. Would you please let her have your boxes as soon as possible or bring them along to the coffee morning with you. Everyone is

welcome to come - not just box holders. Please come and enjoy a cup of coffee, there will also be a raffle and bring and buy stall (including homemade cakes!).

Fete - All Saints, Wretton
with Stoke Ferry

Saturday 17th May. Tombola, Raffle prizes and offers of help gratefully received. Contact Mrs. P. Willis (Trish) on 07816 xxxxxx or drop off prizes etc. with Bob at Ferry Stores, Lynn Road, Stoke Ferry.

Recycling for Charity

Please save your used household batteries (AAA, AA etc.), stamps and printer ink cartridges to support Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and Dr. Barnado's. Collection bags for these can be found in the porches of All Saints', Wretton with Stoke Ferry; Christ Church, Whittington and St. Andrew's, Northwold.

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