Mrs. Turver for her help with the coaching.
Class two have been learning how to write poetry with great success. One of the pupils from class two has written the poem printed on the front page. It has given me a great deal of pleasure reading their efforts, all of which are displayed in school.
Class one has been learning about Spring and have some beautiful pictures on display in the classroom.
The choir and class two had the pleasure of entertaining the Forget-me-not Club this week, another first for me but a thoroughly enjoyable experience for children and adults.
The Rector has visited us twice this month to take assembly, the children were very attentive when hearing about the meaning of Ash Wednesday especially when a jar of ash was produced, proving once again that visual aids are very powerful tools when teaching.
Our thanks to Mr Harry Everett, one of our governors who has helped the children to plant 10 trees on the Fendick Field .
All the children have taken part in two

competitions, the first an art competition. We awarded a prize to each year group. Their work was then sent off to a larger county competition so they and we might win again.
Congratulations go to Emily Lavender Year R, Kieran Smith Year 1, Aiden Bond Year 2, Jessica Smith Year 3, Jordan Smith Year 4 Cameron Smith Year 5 and Athena Graham Year 6 who all received an Easter egg. Once again many thanks to Mr and Mrs Booty for their impartial judgements.                   The results of the handwriting competition are not yet known.
Many of you reading this column will have been pupils at the school in the past and can possibly remember when the school-house was lived in. By the time you read this article work will have begun on renovation of that part of the building which in turn will improve the working space for the children.

Marion Dawe

Forget Me Not Club
On Tuesday we went to the Forget Me Not Club and sung a couple of songs to the old people. We liked the bit where we got to have a drink and

I know I began the last column with a sentence about how busy we have all been but I must repeat myself, we are still busy!
Class three are very busy preparing for the small school's netball and football tournaments… watch this space for results. It is my first experience of the football tournament and I understand we at Northwold won last year so I am hopeful, although I remind the children that events such as these are to be enjoyed for their own sake and winning is a bonus!
A particular thank you to the P.T.F.A. here who will be serving refreshments, to Mr Booty who will keep score and The Waring family who will officiate.
We wish our netball team success at Gooderstone and would like to thank

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