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Villagers of Northwold unite to stem influx of CROWS!

Success for local

Pantomime Star

If anyone has been wondering what has become of Jason Cooper during the past two years the answer is that he has been studying "Poultry Production and Management" at Ayr University in Scotland. Jason completed the course in June of this year, and not only did he complete the course but he was also awarded the following prizes :

  • Nicholas Europa prize for the best student
  • Grampian Country Food Group prize for the best poultry visit report
He was presented with these awards at the Awards Ceremony on Friday, 5th July this year.
Jason is now going on to continue his studies at Newport, in Shropshire.
Congratulations from Mum, Dad and all the family�.and from the Copy Coordinator of Village Life,

'Well Done Partner'

You may recall that it was in the June issue of Village Life that we publicised details of a government health warning relating to a possible infestation of Rooks...or possibly Crows.
Well, proving that we only publish reliable facts, our warning were justified on the weekend of 6th-7th July when villagers united in their response to rumours of crows in the area.
Devices for the purpose of crow deterrent - known in some parts as "scarecrows" were seen to appear around Northwold - in all manner of guises and locations.
Luckily, our Editor was poised with his camera to capture this rarely seen event.
The Village Hall were also seen to prosper as never to miss an opportunity, Jim Booty was quickly able to organise a quiz

and helpers rushed to organise Ploughman's lunches and cream teas at the Hall. Some villagers even ventured up the Church tower - presumably looking to spot one of the troublesome crows!
The Post Office had a cake stall and Langley's their "Lovely" ice creams.
Someone apparently even offered to "Judge" the best display and awarded joint winners to Michael & Pam Parfitt and Hazel Chamberlaine (pictures at the bottom of the page).
Winners of Jim's quiz were Jasmine Barnett and Keith Bennett - the anagram was "Baa Baa Black Sheep".
In all, the weekend's events raised �769.02 for Village Hall funds� well done everyone who helped, did anyone see a crow?

Michael & Pam Parfitt's "Queen on Her Throne"

Hazel Chamberlaine's "leprechaun"