Northwold Village Hall
Questionnaire 2002

You may recall receiving a questionnaire about Northwold Village Hall in a previous edition of Village Life - well, the committee have been busy compiling the results and here they are: -

Current use: Yes No
Used in last 2 years 70 3
Attended meeting 49 20
Attended surgery 50 24

Future use: Yes No
Would use more 73 5
Support new meetings** 71 6
Hold party 65 14

**On 63 returns there were suggestions for meetings, these are shown on the right.
One paper wrote "Old Gits" - this could not easily be combined with others it was felt.
One remarked "You would get lottery money if you were to build a hall elsewhere".
A full letter from a nearby resident stated that it was the wrong place for private parties as they had been greatly disturbed by bad behaviour in the past. In concluded - "if private parties are to be permitted there, there MUST be a reasonable finishing time STRICTLY ENFORCED".

Brenda Ayres & Pam Eyles

Once you're read the list of suggestions on the right, please contact Brenda or Pam if you need an explanation for some of those categories! Ed.

Suggested activities:

Qty Subject
27 Lectures & talks
16 Adolescent, youth, after school, activities for the young
9 Computer training
9 Educational
9 Daytime, mature
6 Physical activities
5 Concerts, drama, music, plays
4 Dancing
4 Skills training
4 Special interest
3 Conservation & ecology
3 All sorts & any
2 Social
2 History
2 Interior design
2 Needlework
1 Arts
1 Archaeology
1 Gardening
1 Genealogy
1 Geography
1 Questors
1 Rambling

Inside this issue:

Whittington News
Allison Handoll reports on activities
in and around Whittington

Jubilee Barn Dance

Whittington Community are holding a Jubilee Barn Dance and Barbeque on Saturday 31st August commencing at 7.30 pm. Admission is by ticket only. Tickets are 10 per person - free entry for children accompanied by an adult.
For more information, or to purchase tickets, please phone one of the following numbers:-

01366 500591
01366 501289
01366 728328

Alison Handoll

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