I have been here for four years and I have lots of brilliant friends; Emily, Rebecca and Jamie-Lee. I have been a member of three clubs, Cooking, Drama and Netball. While I have been here I have played in the rounders and netball teams. I have also danced around the Maypole. Every summer we have a carnival and we have a Carnival Queen and King, three princesses and a prince. The King was Jack and the Queen was Emily. The princesses were Laura, Danielle and Alys. The prince was Aiden. This year we have been on three trips Ely Cathedral, West Stow and the Dinosaur Park.

Sophie Ward

I've enjoyed this year at The Norman except the homework. It has been an experience at Northwold. One of my oldest memories was when I was in Class 1 when Miss Shaw was teaching and we went to Hunstanton and we went in the water. In Class 1 my favourite subject was R.E. Mrs Austin taught in Class 2. I liked art the best and P.E. In Class 3 I liked art the best. When Mrs Austin taught us we went to a farm. I liked it and it is my best class trip. Going to Horstead for three days was an experience for all of Year 6. My years of memories at Northwold are good ones. I wish I could go back to when I was in Class 1.

Rosie Stutchbury

I have been here for seven years and I have got a great bunch of friends. My three Year 6 best friends are Sophie, Rebecca and Jamie-Lee. Some of my favourite subjects are maths and science. All the time when we do maths and science, I have always enjoyed my lessons. One of the afternoon clubs that I really liked is cookery with Mrs Ward. Also this year we have had a tooth lady come. This year we have had a lot of school trips. We have had a trip to Ely Cathedral, West Stow and the Dinosaur Park. All the trips I have really enjoyed. We had a policeman come in P.C Becket. I did an after school club which is Netball. We have won a few matches but we have never come 1st always 2nd and 3rd.

Emily Durrance

School Sports
By Jim Booty

On the one fine evening of the week, the Annual Northwold School Sports were held on the Fendick Field. Lots of parents, grandparents and friends turned out and provided vocal support. A barbeque and refreshments were provided by the PTFA.

The Winners were :

Nick Turver, Jamie Lee-Hood, Holly Garrod, Ryan Hood, Alex Shorthose, Rebecca Tyler, Alys Ward, Barry Robinson, Jordan Lingard, Aiden Bond and Hannah Shorthose.

Skipping Races:
Jack Goodrham, Danielle Cook, Alex Shorthose, Grace Douglas, Hannah Shorthose and Jordan Griggs.

Bunny Hop:
Ryan Billmen, James Ashley and Harriet Shorthose.

Bean Bag:
Troy Callaby, Amber Taylor, Cameron Smith, Jake Lingard, Jack Wilcox, Jordan Griggs, Aiden Bond, Rebecca Tyler and Rachael Hunter.

Long Jump:
Jack Goodrham, Mark Lingard, and Maisey Stutchbury.

Egg and Spoon race:
Jamie-Lee Hood, Joshua Day, Ryan Hood, Christina Folken, Jessica Smith, Adam Parker, Ryan Billmen, Letitia Santos and Rachael Hunter.

Ball Throwing:
Jack Goodrham and Jamie-Lee Hood.

Relays: Red Team

Tug of war: Red Team

Final Scores:

Greens 102 points
Blues 89 points
Reds 85 points

Inside this issue:

The School Year has ended as always with the Annual prize giving awards and our gift of a bible donated by the Northwold Reading Room Charity to all our Year 6 leavers.  Many readers will be familiar with the listed trophies and awards that follow which recognise academic success and effort, sporting achievements and the skills of citizenship.  This year sees a number of new awards, for Netball, Drama, Needlework and the Jubilee Cup for English. The Jubilee Cup was bought with the money provided by the Northwold Jubilee Committee.
The school also sadly said goodbye to Mandy Hawkins who is taking up a full time temporary post at Dersingham First and Nursery School with Jackie Austin in September.  Mandy has served The Norman Primary School extremely well as a supply and temporary teacher over recent years since giving up her permanent post here.  Dersingham's gain is indeed our loss.  We wish her well in her new post. 
In the Autumn Term we will be welcoming Mrs Geary a very experienced teacher to work in Class 3 for two days a week.

Year 6 led our final school assembly of the year and this what they had to say about their time at The Norman Primary School: -
I started this school when I was a year 4 and we had Mr Tovey and I have been here for two and half years. I've Liked doing swimming and I've done survival practise where we had to wear clothes in the water. I also liked playing football for the team and playing in the tournament especially since we won it. I don't know what my favourite time was at school but I liked our trip to Horstead.

Nick Turver

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