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own little groups before'; Jim adds, ' The first day they got us into the big hall and we stood in the groups of people we knew. Then somebody blew a massive whistle and we were all lined up and suddenly sent off to different classrooms.'
'It must have been a heck of a thing to organise' Brenda says, 'We didn't have a clue as to what was going on. All we'd ever done was go to the same school where the books were always in the classroom. Here you had to carry your books all round the school.'
But even so, there were no 'O' levels or 'A' levels then. All the children left school at 15 and went straight to work. Brenda got a job as a wages clerk for Emcar's in Brandon, a firm that made fashionable clothes - ' all the girls wanted to go there'. And Jim started working with a farm engineer. He then worked on the relief channel that started at the Denver Sluices and joined the Lark at Barton Mills. He worked on the metal fences and gates. He later joined the building project for the new houses on the American base at Lakenheath. 'But I didn't like the type of work. It was colossal and far too much hustle and bustle. So I gradually got on courses that took me away. The first one was a government run thing at Letchworth where I spent the best part of a year. It was intensive training to be an agricultural engineer. It was a way of getting me a better job and one I liked doing.'
Jim and Brenda now work together. They scrimped and saved until they decided to start their own agricultural business in Methwold Hythe. 'Brenda does all the paper work, and there's loads of it. I started by going round to the farms and mostly working out of a

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