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Organ Recital
An "All Day" organ concert will take place in Whittington Church on Saturday, September 27th.
Eight local organists have kindly agreed to each play for an hour from 10am until 6pm. A ticket costing £5 will enable you to visit and listen

as many times and for as long as you wish.
Refreshment will be available. Tickets and details Phone (01366) 500517,  500143 or 500307. The proceeds of this event are for Whittington Church Restoration Fund.

Roger Warner

Flaming July…. And now August!
Well, we shouldn't complain, especially those of us who haven't been able to have a foreign holiday this year - just spend a week in the garden (for free)!
On a serious note, we all suffer with the heat, including our pets so do please remember not to leave dogs in cars. In a very short period of time, the sun can come out and that nice cool boot of the car can heat up like a greenhouse - and you wouldn't lock your dog in your greenhouse… No, don't try that at home kids!
So, make the most of the sun, it will soon be gone. Christmas is only  21 weeks away(!) - then Michael and I get an extra break between issues (joint Dec/Jan edition) - and believe me, we need it!


Deputy Editorial...
Bureaucracy hits top form - For more years than I care to remember I have had the privilege, both as a serving Policeman and then as a retired one, of Countersigning Passport applications.
I must have done hundreds over the years, stating that however grotesque the photograph might be that it is a 'true likeness of the applicant'.
This service has always been given free as I would hope is the case with others in my position of being able to assist.
However, sadly this service has had to close. The reason for this is that I am not the holder of a British Passport, and as Sheena found out no longer eligible to perform this service. So they sent her application back with a note on to that effect.
My Humblest Apologies, and should a grain of common sense return to this department, normal service will be resumed.



with Terry & Vicky Howlett

Sunday 17th August at 7pm
Northwold Village Hall
Entrance fee £3

All proceeds to Hall Fund

Any enquiries to:
Eileen Cooper 01366 728289

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