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looked beautiful.
Living in Foulden at the time was a man called Roger Robinson who worked for Fisons. He volunteered (I think!) his expertise in advising us on the correct fertilizer etc.
It came to the end of August or thereabouts I am not certain of the date. It was time to put the seed on. I believe it was Dick Warren who did this on a Saturday afternoon. That night we had a steady warm rain, and the next day it got out nice and warm. The gods had smiled on us. I think every seed Dick put on Germinated.
The next thing was to protect the green from Rabbits. Roy Jenkinson came down with a load of wooden posts He and I spent a morning making a fence all the way round the outside, to which we attached wire netting buried into the soil to stop the rabbits burrowing under it. Then somebody planted the evergreen hedge that is round the green now. The only other thing that we needed now was a mower. Roy Jenkinson and myself went to Lawnboy at Downham to negotiate. I  let Roy do the talking as he was good at that sort of 'negotiating'. I believe we settled on a price of about
160. Not a bad bit of negotiating. I think nowadays they are slightly more expensive.
And that was that. One bowling green duly produced. And it didn't cost the parish a penny as far as I know..
So having got the green the next move was to form a team and all the bits and pieces that go with it  like committees and that sort of thing. So Bill called a meeting.
Now at the time I was fairly heavily committed to the cricket and I had told Bill that now that the green was done I did not wish to continue as Chairman, as

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