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News from Norfolk Police:
Shed security
There has been a spate of shed/outbuilding break-ins over the past 10 days. The main items that are being targeted are Ride on Lawnmowers (4 in total so far), other items of gardening equipment have also been stolen along with power tools and leisure equipment. The Ride on Mowers have been stolen from the following areas; Marshland St James, Walpole Cross Keys, Weeting and Terrington St Clements. A further 9 burglaries occurred throughout the rest of West Norfolk. Out of 13 break-ins, in all but 1 case, the sheds and outbuilding were secured but not enough of them were alarmed. I have stated in the past, the fitting of a simple inexpensive alarm will reduce the likelihood of a burglar from continuing to break into a property. It is up to Home Watch coordinators and their members to impress on friends and neighbours, the importance of home security and of the

need to ensure that their property is post coded and kept secure. Remind them, that not alarming their sheds/outbuildings is false economy, because to replace items such as Ride on Mowers tends to run into the hundreds of pounds, where an alarm costs from 5 to 25 and the cost of post coding kit is only 7.50. If you or your members are offered a Ride on Mower or have information about the ones mentioned above please contact the police on 01553 691211 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111
Peddler's License
On Tuesday 15th July, in Dersingham a Cold Caller selling dusters etc was targeting a Warden controlled housing scheme, upon being told that cold calling wasn't allowed the man became abusive and stated that he had a Peddlers License and could go anywhere he wanted. On being asked to produce the Peddlers License he showed a small laminated ID card (not a Peddlers License), which stated he was from Nottingham. The warden called the police who attended the scene and questioned the man further about his Peddlers License. The man couldn't produce a license stating it was in his colleagues van. He was told

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