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Northwold Primary School
Prize Giving Awards, 2003

Bibles to year six leavers - Donated by Northwold Education Charity and presented by Jane Luckman.

Amber Taylor
Joshua Day
Holly Garrod
Danielle Cook
Laura Bond
Christopher Turver
Bryony Rust
Athena Graham

Parish Project Prizes
Donated by Parish Council and presented by Jim Booty.

1st Amber Taylor
2nd Athena Graham
3rd Holly Garrod

Jubilee Prize for English Christopher Turver

Callaby Cup Jasper Field

For someone always willing to take up sporty challenge.
Presented by Jo  Bimpson.

Craft Prize Victoria Lavender
Donated and presented by Mrs Barbara Booty.

Jack Askew memorial Shield Bryony Rust

Presented by Mrs Sue Goodrham.

Book Prizes for effort
Donated and presented by Mr Jim Booty.
Winners: Class 1. Harriet Shorthose
Class 2. Ryan Billmen
Class 3. Jordan Smith

Book Prizes for progress
Donated by village residents and presented by Janet Hawkins.
Winners: Class 1. James Randell
Class 2. Jack Bowers
Class 3. Lauren Griggs

Book Prizes for friendliness
Donated and presented by P.T.F.A. Mrs Sue Spindley.
Winners: Class 1. Adam Davies
Class 2. Adam Parker
Class 3. Maizey Stutchbury

Book Prize for caring attitude Claire Booty

Donated by Mrs P. Coles and Miss J. Luckman.

Book Prize Alys-Mae Ward
For being interested in everything - Class 1

Donated and presented by Miss Natasha White.

Miss Parker Citizenship Amber Taylor
Donated and presented by Catherine Parker.

Headteacher's Awards Athena Graham
Max Thomas

Reported by Jim Booty

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