Tots & Co.
As the term draws to a close, things are pretty busy at Tots & Co. We have been busy making decorations for our Christmas tree, and soon we will be making our hats for the Christmas Party. This will be on Friday 13th December, from 10.30am to 1pm, and will be our last meeting of the year. If you are a member of Tots & Co, and intend coming along, please let me know as soon as possible.
The Health Visitor will be visiting on Friday 6th December, and then again on Friday 7th February 2003.

By the time you read this we will have already been bowling (and eating!) on our Mum's Night Out. We have also just had our A.G.M. and our officers remain unchanged. These are Caroline Whiting as Chairperson, Angela Wortley as Treasurer, and Claire Cater as Secretary. Thanks to those who attended.
Tots & Co. would also like to add our thanks to all parents, friends and relatives who helped make "A Night at the Oscars" such a success. As you've probably read in the Pre-School slot, 700 was made to be shared between the two groups. Well done everyone!

mats, which are brilliant. Many thanks to Carrie and her mum for organising this.
Finally, a very big thank you, and very best Christmas Wishes to everyone involved with Tots &Co, and those who have been so generous in supporting us in 2002. May 2003 see Tots & Co. grow and prosper much more, and in many ways.
Our first meeting in 2003 is on January 10th 9.30am - 11.30am.

Caroline Whiting

Inside this issue:

We should also like to thank those that recently supported our Orchard Toy Party - we made nearly 40. On Children in Need Day we were able to raise 31 to donate - this, I think is a really good achievement from such a small group. Thank you.
We have recently had donated to us more playing

Pictures from "A Night at the Oscars"
Pre-School and Tots & Co. (also page 15)

Lucy Darby wins "Best dressed Ted"
at our Children-in-Need competition

The Cater's "Scooby Doo!...Where are you?"