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Northwold Care Group
Annual Report 2002
Our three activities have continued efficiently.
Car Scheme: 13 drivers in the scheme have done more than 170 journeys, totalling over 4000 miles. The longest trips have been to Norwich. The scheme depends entirely on the volunteer drivers. Thanks to all of them. Drivers claim 18p per mile, paid by the Parish and Borough Councils. Passengers also pay 18p but drivers' time is free. Drivers at present : John Haylock, Jo Norris, Mr and Mrs Elwes, Ron Deacon, Pam Eyles, Alison Lynch, Tom Shephard, Janet Hawkins, Pat Coles, Jane Luckman, Toni Arthur-Hay and Jim Booty, (Co-ordinator).
Lunch Club: The monthly lunches have been enjoyed by an average of 18 people, and there is room for more. Again the lunches could not happen without the volunteer cooks, servers and washers-up, including the ex- Badgers. The Christmas lunch will be free. Regular helpers are Pam Eyles, Barbara Booty, Jo Norris, Joan Gains, Mitch Hodges, Kay Gostling, Janet Deacon, Betty Akers and two Badgers.
Equipment: At least 76 items have been borrowed during the year. One new wheelchair was bought. We are grateful to the Village Hall for the storage space, and the Atmere Charity for the wheelchair. Members have done well over 500 hours of work this year, not including help to friends.

Jim Booty

Financial Report:-
Income Expense Balance
Car Scheme 732.86 532. 68 200.18
Lunch club 403.92 291.56 112.36
General a/c 314.83 143.88 170.95

Inside this issue:

Parish Council
It was reported that the Sports and Social club is closed temporarily except for darts matches. This in an attempt to discourage young people from bringing supermarket drinks on to the field, misbehaving and throwing tins and glass about. A new lock is to be put on the gate to keep motor vehicles off the grass.
The Council will put a tree in the Church for the Christmas tree Service. The Council is very annoyed, but not surprised, that it's views on the new borough Council wards have been ignored. In our opinion a three member ward including Northwold, Methwold, Feltwell, Hockwold and Southery is totally undemocratic and impossible for councillors to represent.
A site meeting is to be arranged at Common Drove to get the damaged approaches to the footbridge repaired. Councillors feel that a new 6 ft fence erected near the A134 crossroads is causing an obstruction to visibility, and an unnecessary danger.
Another "Suspicious" caller, coming

after dark on a Saturday, frightened a parishioner. It transpired that he was from the Borough, checking the Electoral Roll. The Borough officials could see no harm in this, but we consider it very thoughtless. A report to the Police again brought no response.

Care Group
We were pleased to see two new members at the monthly lunch, and to welcome Lynford Brunt from St John. At the A.G.M the Committee was re-elected, but Mrs K. Gostling has resigned. All drivers, Cooks and Helpers were thanked for their services.

Village Hall
In 2003 the Village Hall Committee propose to hold a "Village Open day" over the Week end of July 19th - 20th, in aid of Hall Funds. The idea is that gardens, (or houses) should be "Open" to visitors, with Displays, Exhibitions, Sideshows, Stalls, Games, Etc.
Ideas are wanted. - Let Jackie Elliott have them please on xxxxxx.

Jim Booty

St. Thomas'
Day Dole
The Dole will be paid on Saturday 21st December at:
Northwold  Church Vestry between 10.00 and 11.00 am
By Roger Warner's Yard in Whittington at 11.15 am