liked playing the shopping game. I liked the puppet show because I liked being in part of the puppet show. I liked the quiz because we got to answer the questions. I really enjoyed all of them things.

Harriet Shorthose
Class 1

Thornham Eco Centre
The last activity was fun because we had some paper pulp and a board and we had a sponge and a cloth. We got the board and scooped up some paper pulp, we let the water drip out. Then we laid it on the cloth. Then we got some newspaper and we laid it on the table, then we had a roller and we rolled the paper pulp. Then we patted it with the sponge and after that we put the newspaper on to the top of the board, then we tipped it over, then we patted it with our hands. Then we have made paper.

Jessica Smith
Class 2

Dear Jean,
Thank you for letting us comes to your Field Centre. My favourite activity was making paper. I really enjoyed it when we did the puppet show. It was interesting when we had to put things that where in the black bag into the right bin.           
During the day I learnt that if we start recycling things like cardboard, cans, bottles etc we will start not to use as much land to throw rubbish on and will not have to make new things with machines that make bad air and other dangerous things that will hurt the plant and us.

Holly Day
Class 2

Dear Pam,

Thank you for our lovely day out on Thursday. My favourite activity was when we went on the trail to find out a word like carrot tops that you can put in a compost bin but it should have ten letters.
I really enjoyed it when we made the paper because I had never done it before and I think I am going to do it at home.
It was interesting but disgusting when you showed us the wormer because the worm were a funny colour. I already knew that compost was made out of rotting fruits and vegetables but I didn't know that rotten things could make an oily sort of water that is a very good fertilizer.
During the day I learnt about where the different foods came from like baked beans come from America.
Thank you again for a lovely day.

Cameron Smith
Class 3

Inside this issue:

Norman's Green News
The School  visited Thornham Field Centre in Eye, Suffolk to discover if there was more that we could do to care for our environment. We enjoyed our day immensely and learnt a great deal, as is evident by the work, which follows. I have included two letters that have been addressed to two of the Centres Teachers. The staff there were committed to developing the children's ability to question what happens in their world. All the work, which followed the trip, clearly expresses the children's delight in the day's programme. The children as you will read just loved the paper making activity. Now they know what happens to the paper we collect in our green bins and post it into the paper bank at the village hall. The children too have a better idea of why we have compost bins. I learnt that whilst we cannot put our painted and gluey newspaper into the paper bank we can put into our compost bins as the paint and glue are not toxic.. The children in Class 3 were being asked to question whether it was right for some foods to travel half way around the world using enormous amounts of energy in the process when often the food could be obtained from a nearer source or is available within our own country.
Our Trip
I enjoyed walking around and making paper. I found out about the wormery and the worms ate the vegetable peel. I