Northwold's News
Jim Booty reports on activities in and around Northwold

Forget me not club
The clubs Christmas dinner of roast beef and trifle was followed by an afternoon of music and singing. Gifts were received from the Lakenheath Lions.
Parish council

  • The new tennis court should be built on the recreation ground by Easter at a cost of 14,000.   
  • Grants of 280 have been paid to Northwold and Whittington churches for churchyard maintenance.
  • The council feels that the conservation area should not be extended and that the present concurrent functions scheme should be left alone.
  • A number of bottles have been broken round the children's roundabout. . . .Stupid or evil?
St. Andrews Church
St Andrews day was celebrated with an evening service at Northwold church.    The annual Church  Bazaar was opened at the village hall by Mrs E. Rome.    The event raised over 970.

Help the emergency services
Data Link is a voluntary scheme for anyone living at home, who might be reassured to know that the essential information required by the Emergency Services would be readily available, should they suffer from an accident or a sudden incapacitating illness.
This new countrywide scheme provides a small container into which you place details of illness, drugs, next of kin etc. The labelled container is then kept in your fridge, with a special "green cross" sticker on the fridge and another on the inside of your front door (but not visible from outside).
Should the emergency services be called, they can easily obtain these details and ensure you receive the right treatment. Kits are available from any Police Station or Jim Booty or Pam Eyles.

Jim Booty

Tots and Co.

At Tots and Co we are looking forward to a good New year.   

Everybody had a lovely Christmas.    The Tots and Co children and carers enjoyed a Christmas party before we broke up for the holidays and we would like to say a special thank you to Nigel Tuffnell  for handing out our Children's presents.    We would also  like to say a special thank you to Jill Pearce who donated a much needed 145 to Tots and Co after completing a sponsored slim.

On the 15th of March from 9.30am until 12.30 pm we will be holding a plant sale to help raise funds. The plants have been propagated and donated by Ruthe Grey. Please come along and have a browse and hopefully something will catch your eye for the garden.

The group is going well at the moment but if you are a Mum, Dad, Carer or Grandparent why not call in on Friday between 9. 30am and 11.30am for a chat and a coffee while the children play.
The first session is free.

Christine Gatwood
Tel. XXX

Whittington's News
Janet Burns reports on activities in and around Whittington.

Story time

On Tuesday December 15th Polly Howat had us spellbound with her stories. She covered a range of tales from standard folk lore to humour of the Fens. Unfortunately there was a small loss made on the evening owing to lack of support.

"Rusty Relics"

On Saturday 5th January the Rusty Relics had us dancing in the aisle, wearing silly hats, enjoying a splendid concert with delicious food and mulled wine. Sadly only a small profit of 40.93 was made again lack of support was the problem.


The Amenities Fund now stands at 347.17.

Calendar Dates
Sat 9th Feb - 7.30pm
Auction of Promises and
Bric a Brac (50/50)
Staging from 5.30 pm, viewing 6.30pm. Bring your small portable items and get half the bid price. Raffle and Tea and Coffee on sale.

Sat 9th Mar - 7.30 pm
"Drainage  of the Fens Past and Present"
Illustrated talk by David Marsters

Sat 13th Apr - 7.30 pm
Wine and Cheese Evening

To discuss whether to continue with this venture.

Unless support for the various events increases there will be no possibility of any further events.

Janet Burns

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