"Sorry, not ready yet" is now the standard reply, "Please come back after lunch".
(CustomerA) "But I need my medication, I'm going on holiday". More exchanges of words, with (CustomerA)'s wife joining in.
Three points have to be raised: -
As it turned out, the medication wasn't actually at the Shop, it had been left at the Surgery. Any apology from (CustomerA) & wife when they found out? Not a chance!
Why abuse the service of medication collection from the Shop if you can just as easily
drive to the Surgery? The service is primarily designed for those that have trouble getting to the Surgery.
If medication is so desperate, why leave it to the last minute to try and order it? 
drove to the Shop on a Thursday morning demanding her medication.
Standard reply again.
(CustomerB) "But that's not good enough. I've got asthma. I need my inhaler. I might die if I can't have it until after lunch. If I die, I'll get my husband to sue you!"
Points to be raised?
Again, why not just
drive to the Surgery and why leave the ordering to the last minute?
More importantly, please don't try and take out your own inadequacies in organisational skills on either us or our staff. It is completely unreasonable and unnecessary.
Please be aware that any further occurrence of episodes such as these will seriously jeopardise the future of this service. Perhaps Customers A or B would like to volunteer to undertake this service from their own homes?

"Clarke's News" has recently changed names to "Northwold News". For those of you that have been confused by their name and have tried to pay your paper bills in our Shop, please be aware that we are nothing to do with "Northwold News". Although that name has been adopted, the owners actually live in Brookville.

Martin Turver

Inside this issue:

The Crib and Christingle Service held in the Church on Sunday 22nd December raised £83.45, which together with the donations from the Charity Christmas Tree of £ 42.55 will be sent to The East Anglian Children's Hospice at Quidenham.
Thank you all for your support.

Jenny Langley

Well done Northwold!
I'd just like to say how very much I appreciated the effort that's been put into making our village look so festive for the Christmas season. Everywhere I went there was merriment and goodwill twinkling from the houses. I wasn't the only one to notice either. I happened to visit Mundford the other day and someone remarked how lovely our village had looked. "People were walking at night from all directions to the church and their way was lit in such a jolly fashion. The inside of the church was a picture, too. What a lovely thing for you all to share".
You know, the thing that appeals to me most is the fact that the house decorations are for others to see. The decorators themselves, being inside, don't see so much of them. I know of many children that visit our village each year and they delight in seeing the displays. Keep up the good work. It stops us older folk sitting inside crying "Bah! Humbug!"  I look forward to another fine show next year.

John Haylock

Confused Of Northwold?
Twelve months ago, I lost my job as VL editor by publishing an article explaining the need to support the Shop and its associated services or to be prepared to lose them. In writing this letter, Karen and I hope that confusion surrounding just two of those services can be removed.
Repeat Prescriptions / Medication Collection
We do not get paid for providing this service. We believe, from the Doctor, that the service is no longer strictly 'above board' because we are not licensed to handle potentially dangerous medicines. We accept repeat prescriptions during the week ready for the Doctor to pick up on a Thursday morning. The Doctor delivers medication on a Thursday morning.
This medication relates both to the repeat prescriptions from the previous week and also to any prescriptions written by the Doctor during his local surgery. The medication arrives in bags, with a small label on each to identify the owner.
We need to check the delivery and then sort the bags into alphabetical order to enable a smooth distribution. We cannot guarantee when the medication will arrive. We cannot guarantee that the Shop and Post Office will be sufficiently quiet for the checking and sorting process to be undertaken immediately. Therefore, we have told all users of the service that medications will not be available until after lunch on Thursdays.
Sensible and straightforward, you would think?
So why do we still have people wanting to disrupt the service and being rude, abusive and offensive in the process? Don't those people realise that they are jeopardising the service continuing for the whole of the village by their own selfish actions?
No names but just two recent examples:
drove to the Shop on a Thursday morning demanding his

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