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New Year update from
Whittington Church
First of all our grateful thanks go to Carol and Chris Gale for running the Bonus ball game during 2002. By their hard work and dedication the restoration fund has been increased by 1111.00. For those of you who do not know about this competition, it is based on the bonus ball on Saturday's Lottery. Everyone who joins buys a number between 1 and 49 at 1 a week, (They keep that same number throughout) then the holder of the bonus ball number wins half of that weeks takings. Last year we paid out 782. 50p in prizes. Jenny Elsey has taken over the running of it for this year; there are still a few numbers left so if you are interested give Jenny a ring on 500143. A full set of rules are also available from Jenny. Remember the odds are good - you stand a 1 in 49 chance of winning each week. IT COULD BE YOU.
By popular demand last year the annual fete returned to the playing field on 20th July. We were lucky with the weather on what turned out to be a very enjoyable occasion: the rain held off until we were dismantling the very last stall. And what's more 384. 80p was made for church funds, thanks very much to everyone who came along and supported us - hope to see you all again this year.
Thanks also to Davina for her hard work with the Webb Ivory catalogue - this

year she made a profit of 133.50p for church funds. Thanks to everyone who placed orders and apologies again for items not available.
We are in the process of having mains water laid on at the church, this will help people putting flowers on the graves and also for refreshments at events held in the church. We have also instructed our architect to contact the builders to start the first phase of the restoration work (Repair of the west gable end and the bell) as we have approximately 10,000.00 in the restoration fund. 5,000 of which was a grant from the Norfolk Churches Trust and the rest we have raised WITH YOUR HELP. MANY THANKS.
We have also been promised a grant of 8,000 from the Historical churches Preservation Trust when we are ready to start the next phase of the work, which will be the roof. We have just heard that the church has been recommended to be listed, which if successful will mean we can save a lot of money on V A T on the restoration work, and would also make us eligible for grants from other bodies, eg. English Heritage.
There will be more events in Whittington in 2003 to raise further funds for both running costs and also the Restoration Fund - we still have a long way to go.

Jenny Elsey
Davina Eves

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