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summer time meetings. Should there also be a call for outings then not only times but days must be changed, as many places of interest are not open on a Monday.
A speaker from the list submitted to me has been booked for the first meeting and I have taken the liberty to book the second speaker too.
Monday, 21st February at 10.30am
Northwold Village Hall
Mark Elwes
(a resident of Northwold) will be our first speaker. It is planned to begin with the talk. Discussion on the future of the group will follow.
Monday, 21st March at 10.30am
Northwold Village Hall
Talk by Susie Emmett, much travelled broadcaster; who can often be heard on the BBC programme From Our Own Correspondent.
If these plans do not meet with approval then I am still at the same address and on the end of the same phone line for anyone wishing to give their comments - or better still - come to the meeting and let us all discuss the best way forward.

Pam Eyles
90 West End
Telephone xxxxxx

Inside this issue:

Parish Council
A new lock has been put on the recreation ground gate. The ditch at Common Drove has at last been cleared, and part of the footpath reinstated. People living near the Common have let off fireworks several times lately, resulting in the death of one calf. This is disgraceful and must stop. A group of boys with skateboards have been deliberately annoying pensioners. Parents have been contacted, and the situation is being watched.
The new area set aside for ashes in the Cemetery is to be fenced. The "Slow Down" lights at the crossroads have been out of action for several days.
Next year's precept will be for £7,000, an increase to cover the ending of the concurrent functions grant, and and recent capital expenses. Parish Council elections will be held on May 1st 2003. Northwold Council has been 2 members short, and this is undesirable ; please consider standing as a candidate.
Care Group
The Care Group held their Christmas Lunch in the Village Hall, free of charge with community car scheme drivers invited. A lovely meal of chicken with vegetables, trifle, and mince pies, served by Amber Taylor and Lauren Griggs, was enjoyed by 21 members. Kay Gostling is retiring as a helper, and was presented with a bouquet. Class 3 from the School sang songs from "Jack and the Beanstalk".
The Care Group monthly lunch for January enjoyed meat pie with vegetables, and plums and custard. Waitresses were Bethany Morris, and Rebekah Chilvers. More customers would be welcome.
Forget-Me-Not Club
The club had their annual Christmas party with a three course dinner followed by Christmas music. Guests from Stoke Ferry joined in for the afternoon.

The first meeting of the year was a double celebration. President Barbara Carr provided a New Year Party, and Grace Evans marked her 90th Birthday.
Northwold Talks…?
Last autumn a short report appeared regarding the possibility of meetings to be held in the village hall for talks etc. My thanks go to the three people who answered my request for ideas and to the one person who wrote with names for possible speakers.
One suggestion was that any talks are held during the daytime in winter; another asked for the meetings to be held in the mornings (so that those who wished could have an after-lunch nap in the afternoon); and the third asked "who was I inviting onto the committee?" My immediate reply to the last remark was no-one; the committee will be elected by those who attend the meetings.
It has occurred to me that if the meetings are held on a morning when there has been a surgery then the hall should have had the first chill taken off.
So a Monday or Thursday morning seems to be the best time to aim for.
There is an Age Concern bus goes to Downham for shopping on a Thursday every other week so maybe Monday is the day to choose.
The beginning of the month may not be a good time to meet, as the newsletter may not be on everyone's doormat, so a later day in the month would be better.
The second Monday is Lunch Club day so I think we should avoid that. The end of the month may coincide with Bank Holidays so what about the third Monday morning of the month? This would be all right for February and March but the third Monday in April it will be Easter so that month it will need to be changed. By that time we shall also have changed the clocks so a decision will need to be made regarding

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