group within the school, and they, as well as the other children have demonstrated their enthusiasm to contribute to their own educational progress. I am looking forward to working with them, their parents, and everyone in the wider community to help to prepare all the children for their continued learning and life in the future.

Marion Dawe, Headteacher

Happy Birthday Jesus

Class 1 performed a Nativity. Six angels led by Alys Ward, who was the loudest, told the story of the birth of Jesus. The shepherds, Rangi McGregor, James Randell, Kieran Smith and Alan White came with a lamb to give to the baby. Then the three wise men followed the star, Louisa Fisk, to the stable where baby Jesus was born. Songs were sung throughout the play, with music by Mrs Scott on piano, Amber Taylor on recorder and Grace Douglas on violin.

Santa's Setbacks

This was a funny play by Class 2, with some great costumes. It was about everything going wrong for Santa in the lead up to Christmas, first the sleigh broke and then Rudolph got the flu! After lots of singing the foreman elf, Holly Day, persuaded the other elves to mend the sleigh, while Mrs Santa nursed Rudolph back to nose glowing health. The angels from Class 1 swapped their haloes for top hats, to turn them into snowmen for more singing and dancing.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Class 3 performed a mini pantomime. Bryony Rust played Jack, who swapped a very odd looking brown cow for a bag of magic beans. Jack's mother got angry and threw the beans out of the window, where they grew into a big cardboard green beanstalk. Then as the story goes Jack climbed the beanstalk, found some treasure and was chased down by the

giant, Jasper Field. Jack chopped down the beanstalk and it killed the giant amongst lots of singing and dancing. Jack and his mum lived happily ever after.

Holly Garrod

Jack and the Beanstalk

On Tuesday 10th December 2002 we rehearsed our play to Class 1, Class 2 and the Pre-School. After that I felt more confident for our main performances, which were to be on Thursday 12th December 2002. One for the afternoon and the other for the evening, which my sister and sister's friend were going to.
At quarter to two in the afternoon, I got ready to do the play. I was only skipping along the stage with a basket but I still felt nervous. It was supposed to be in the olden days.
The first song was called, "Little Brown Cow".   It was about jobs Jack had done. Next it was "Off to the Fair", that was when I skipped along the stage with Maizy. It was about selling Daisy the cow and what food Jack should get. Then it was " Up the Beanstalk". It is obvious it is about going up the beanstalk. After that it was "Fee fi fo fum", which is about the giant wanting his stew, hen, bags of gold and his harp.
Then the dancers, which was some of my friends and me, did a dance with the tune, "The Tide is High". We changed the words to "The Beanstalk is High".
Jack was played by Bryony Rust. Mum was played by Amber Taylor. The cow was played by Cristina Fonken and Rachel Booty. The giant was played by Jasper Field. The giant's wife was Athena Graham and Laura Bond.

Rebekah Chilvers

Inside this issue:

This is my first column for Village Life, and I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome to the school and the community.
To introduce myself; I began my teaching career in the North East of England, and about fifteen years ago I moved to Norfolk with my husband, which coincided with a break in my career to look after my first child, I now have three children.
It is a great priviledge for me to lead such a vibrant school, with delightful children, comitted and enthusiastic staff, supportive parents and hard working governing body. I have also been impressed with the central place the school holds in the village.
All the new children have settled in to reception, without any problems, despite the first week of term being the coldest of the winter so far! I am getting to know all the children in school, and am pleased to see the way in which they are all actively involved in caring for their environment, both within the school, and in the wider community. Indicative of this is their continuing enthusiastic collection of paper for recycling.
Already this term, apart from the usual activities in a school, we are to begin a bird feeding project which will involve the children identifying common garden birds and collecting data about how often they visit the bird table. This data will then be used to contribute to a National Database about garden birds and their feeding habits.
The school council are a very active

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