A report on our School Trip. By Joshua Day.
On June 13th My School went on a trip to a Tudor Museum in Thetford. We went on a bus, only class 2 and 3 went. When we arrived we had to walk a little way because it would have blocked the road. We went inside and sat down, a man talked about Queen Elizabeth and how we should honour her. Then he told us when we met the queen, (Not the real queen), he would say, "Are you a supporter of the the Queen?" Then we had to raise our hands and say "I".
Our first activity was to learn a Tudor Dance called the Pavan to perform in front of the Queen. Our next activity was to listen to a man that told us about different objects used by Tudors, things like mugs, candleholders, jewellery and tools. Next we went to a classroom where people would have written the English Language. We had a try ourselves. It was really difficult with lots of squiggly parts and curls. Then we had to go and do our dance for the Queen we had only practiced once and we didn't mess up. Then it was time to go and I was glad and not glad because my trousers kept falling down. I enjoyed the day out a lot and it was a shame to go. On the way back we all sung songs and annoyed all the teachers.
I would give the trip 8/10.

Class 2 and 3 trip to the Ancient House Museum at Thetford. By Rachael Booty of Year four.

On Thursday I got dressed up as Elizabeth 1st. The rest of the class and teachers got dressed up as well. We went to Thetford Ancient House Museum because we have been studying Tudors in our History lessons.
I thought going on the Tudor trip was fun because we did Tudor writing, used Tudor objects, did Tudor Dancing and tasted Tudor Food. One of my favourite parts of the trip was the shop. I got a "glow in the dark" yo yo. My sister Claire got a crystal, which she gave to mum, and Lauren got a Queen Elizabeth 1st ring.
My other favourite part was sketching all the objects that the Tudors used.
At 2.30 pm. A "Pretend" Queen

Elizabeth 1st came to see the Pavane that we did, which is a type of Tudor Dance.
We got back to School at 4. 30 pm. We all were tired but we had a good time.
My group got a certificate the next day for behaving well on the trip.

My School Trip. By Thomas Woods.

On the school trip we had to dress up as Tudors. I pulled my trousers up and put football socks on and wore a waistcoat. We all got on the coach and went to the Ancient House Museum in Thetford. We were in different groups and class 2 came as well.
At the Museum we learnt a dance, it went left foot forward and feet together, then right foot forward and feet together then left right left feet together then step to the right then step to the left and back three steps. This was repeated about three times followed by a bow
Next we went to look at some Tudor things and we had to find what things were used for burning houses down. We also had to find what was used for food and drink. One artefact had the Tudor Rose on it which we had to find. We then learnt how to write our name in Tudor Language with a feather which is called a quill. We then made Tudor playing cards out of sugar, liquorice pens and red, blue and yellow food colouring. We then learnt what the rich and poor people ate.
We went to the shop to buy souvenirs and afterwards we sketched some of the artefacts around us. We then went to the hall and danced to the queen. We then went home.
I enjoyed the visit to the museum but I felt a bit silly in my costume and dancing to the queen.

I am pleased to be able to let you know that I am now the Acting Head teacher and shall remain so until January 2003 when hopefully a permanent Head Teacher will be taking up the post.
I enjoy working with the children, staff, governors and parents at the Norman Primary School. Mr Richard Houston has been asked to support and advise me in my role. Let me assure everyone that in spite of the difficulties in recruiting a new head teacher for the school, the team, (teachers and all non-teaching staff) have at all times worked with enthusiasm and commitment to ensure that the children are in a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment and receive a high standard of education. This has always been the governors and staff's main concern and this will continue. Mrs Mandy Hawkins will teach Class 3 for two days a week for the remainder of this term as she has been doing.

Christian Aid Week
We celebrated this event with a non-uniform day and raised a total of 36.00.

Football Tournament
You will have seen, heard or read that our Football Team won the recent Football Tournament for the first time since the competition was started. Well done those lads!

Jubilee Exhibition
If you didn't attend the Jubilee Service at the Church please do pop in soon. The exhibition is well worth a look and our children have contributed a terrific display.

Jubilee Mugs
Our congratulations go to Holly Garrod for being the Norfolk County Winner.

Recycle - Inkjet Cartridges
Don't forget to send us your used ones. We pass them on to Tommy's, a baby charity, which funds medical research.

Dates For your Diary

Mon, 1st July New entrants in class 1
Weds, 3rd July Stranger Danger talks
Thurs 4th July Sports evening (starts 6pm)
Fri 5th July Reserve evening for sports
Tues, 9th July Parent Consultations,
Tues,16th July Year 6 visit Methwold High School
New entrants visit for lunch
Fri, 19 July End of Term Prize giving 1.45pm
Tues 3rd September New term starts

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