At the Church Garden Fete, a treasure trail and two-part quiz were organised, and here's the answers:-

Churchyard Quiz
1. Laurel and Hardy.
2. Sherlock Holmes.

Church quiz
1. The rector in 1641 was John Novell.
2. The number of organ pipes that you can see is 19.
3. The Coat of Arms of King George 11 hangs above the entrance to the chancel.
4. The wooden font cover has 8 sides.
5. Geoffrey William Jarred was a Lieutenant in the Royal Berkshire Regiment.
6. There are 35 names of the "Fallen" on the war memorial in World war one and 9 in World war two.
7. There are 48 names of Rectors of Northwold on the list.
8. The Lectern is dedicated to William Cowper Johnson.
9. The Rector who is buried close to the Lych gate is Charles Manners Norman and his wife was Caroline Amelia Norman.
10. The five named figures in the east window are, St Mathew, St Mark, St Paul, St Luke and St John.

Royalty quiz
1. On November 14th 1948, Prince Charles was born.
2. The names of the Queens Grandchildren are, Peter and Zara Philips, Prince William and Prince Harry,Princess Beatrice and Princess Euginie.
3. King George died at Sandringham on February 6th, 1952.
4. When Princess Anne married Capt Mark Philips the attendants were, Prince Edward and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones.
5. Princess Margaret's husband was a photographer.
6. The Queen usually spends her summer holidays at Balmoral.
7. Princess Ann represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games.
8. Princess Diana's wedding dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.
9. The role of Prince Andrew in the Falklands war was a helicopter pilot.
10. The Queen spent her honeymoon at Broadlands, Hampshire.

Jubilee Celebrations
What a wonderful time we have had over these four "Jubilee Days". Every event went splendidly and we are so grateful to all those who organised the different events, and especially to the Jubilee Committee for making it a real Village Celebration.
We at St Andrew's Church were delighted to see so many at our Service and at the Garden Fete and we owe a particular debt of gratitude to those who kindly trusted us with their special mementos for the Jubilee Exhibition.

There are two raffle prizes waiting to be claimed , "Horton", No ticket number and Mr Frank Egington, Blue ticket 46. Please contact Jane on 728921
Although it wasn't intended to make any profit but merely to cover our costs, when the final reckoning is made any profit we may make will be given to Quidenham Children's Hospital.

Jane Luckman

Spring Clean
A big thank you to everyone who helped with the Church Spring Clean.
We were very pleased with all the ladies and gentlemen who worked so hard to clean the Church after the new lighting was installed. The Church looks wonderful now. It was a really bright and cheerful place for the Jubilee Display.
We are most grateful to all those who so faithfully clean the Church throughout the year. At the moment if you have about 2 hours to spare once every two months please let me know. Please contact me on xxxxxx.

Betty Akers

Church cleaning list

21st June Mrs B. Akers
Mrs L. Bartram

28th June Mr & Mrs K. Cundy
Mrs C. Sharp

5th July Miss J. Luckman
Mrs T. Arthur Hay

12th July Mrs J. Bunyan

19th July Mr and Mrs J. Booty

26th July Mrs M. Maynard
Mrs I. Harris

2nd August Mrs S. Waller
Mrs R. Nickles

9th August Mrs P. Coles
Mrs B. Akers

Sidesman list

7th July Dr Norris
Mrs Norris

14th July Mrs Simpson
Mrs MacMullen

21st July Mrs C. Collins
Mrs Dent
If anyone is unable to carry out his or her duty, please try to change with someone else on the list or let Mrs Elliot know.

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