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please make sure you have your ticket for this and do come along and have a really good fun evening with us.
Tickets are available from Gil Watkins on (01366) 500591, Vanessa Hoare on (01366) 728320 or Carol Gale on (01366) 500714.
There will be a buffet and unlimited punch, and soft drinks for the children, included in the price of the ticket of 10. Children under 16 years half-price.
This is an un-miss able event, so do come along. It is sure to be a very entertaining evening.

"Time and again audiences have been drawn under Nigel's magical aura, as he weaves parodies and pastiche in comedy and song; his evident happiness leaving his listeners captivated - filled with a sense of fun, laughter and well being; something perhaps more of us should be lucky enough to enjoy". [www.anglianmusic.co.uk]

Apologies that this month's Village Life is somewhat late through your letterbox - this is entirely down to me!
As I've said previously, there will be months when the pressures of work or family mean that it's not quite as prompt as other months - this just happens to be one of those months.
As always, Village Life wouldn't have been here without the earnest efforts of Michael Parfitt - thanks Mike.
Just a reminder that we will be taking a strict line on ensuring we have copy by the

copy date - and please wherever possible let Michael have your copy - putting it through my letterbox just delays the process as I then have to take it around to Michael.
Remember, the best possible option is to email copy to:


Remember to ask Mike to reply to the email to confirm he's got it (email is not as reliable as you might think - it does rely on computers after all!).
Bye 'til next month.


Northwold Healing Group

Mondays 7.30pm
59 Hovells Lane, Northwold
If you are interested in becoming a healer or would like Healing, or would like to know more about us please ring Eileen Cooper on (01366) 728289

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