News from Norfolk Police:
Bogus caller
Unfortunately, yesterday 29th May there was another bogus caller crime carried out in West Norfolk. The victim was an 81 year-old lady living in Watlington who was approached by a man who claimed that he was carrying out garden work at hers neighbours and the root work on her trees needed to be carried out as well. He told her that it would cost £80 and he talked her into giving him £40 to begin with. He then left without carrying out any work.
Please remind your neighbours, especially the more vulnerable ones about the need to remain vigilant at all times, and not to have any work carried out by people who cold call at the door (no matter how plausible they seem to be!) and in no circumstances do they ever give them money up front.
Air Ambulance
It come to my attention that householders in West Norfolk are being asked to donate items of clothing to raise funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Leaflets are delivered to households asking for clothes to be left outside for collection at a later date.
I have spoken to the Air Ambulance service about this and they stated that the only authorised company who fund raise on their behalf is Retex and anyone else who claims to be collecting on their behalf is using their name without their consent.
I would advise that you and your members don't donate any items to

any company who can't prove that they are from Retex.
Also, please remember not to do business with people who only use a mobile telephone numbers (that is a number that begins 07) as their means of contact.
More bogus callers…
At present there are at least 4 different scams being perpetrated throughout West Norfolk. They are as follows:
1. A Norwich company is offering to carry out a free electrical safety check of your property, which usually results in expensive work being required.
2. Men claiming to be from a Nottingham based company who inform you that all the domestic drains and sewers in your road have to be checked and individual householders have to arrange for it to be done and they have to pay, which is of course, total nonsense. The company in Nottingham has nothing to do with the callers.
3. A man claiming to work for N Power who calls on householders stating that N Power feels that their electricity bills are too high and can he come in and discuss how the bills can be reduced. This is most likely to be an attempt at a distraction burglary. The man involved is described as being white, of average build, black-cropped hair and in his mid 30's. He may be using the name of J Legg on a false ID card.
4. A man and woman claiming to be from BT and they are carrying out a door to door survey in the area  BT never carry out door to door surveys, so again this is most likely to be an attempt at a distraction burglary. The man is described as being white, approx 5'4" tall, fair hair, well dressed with some sort of ID card on his lapel, he was wearing a blue shirt

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