those parents who took the time and trouble to create such wonderful costumes and to help us assemble the floats.
This article could be a long list of thank-you's. There are so many people to thank for their hard work with the carnival and the magnificent sum raised, which stands at 2793 at the time of writing.
As a newcomer to Northwold my family and I were particularly impressed that all the organisations throughout the community worked so well together and that the vast majority of the money went directly to community organisations. The whole experience, (even the dressing up!) made me very proud to be the Headteacher of such a wonderful school. Thank you all.
This week Bishop John (ELY) is leaving. The Year Six children wrote some prayers to be included in a book to be given to the bishop from the children of the church schools.

Marion Dawe

Football in the Community

On the 10th June a football coach came to our school. He taught us most of the things about football. He taught

us things we haven't learnt before. The weather was wet so we had red cones around the hall so we didn't hurt ourselves.
When we had finished the coach gave Mrs Dawe some mouse mats to use at the computers and a Norwich football to sell at the carnival.

 Jordan Lingard
Class Three

The Eco-Council

On 14th June it was the carnival. The eco-council had a stall called "name the bear". It was 20p a go. We had loads of people but only one person won...Jessica Smith.
Thank you to everyone who picked a name. We raised 18.39.
We have eleven members on the eco-council and we meet on Mondays after school to empty the re-cycling bins and water the plants. Mrs Waring looks after us and helps us.
Did you know ?
* Taking a 10 minute shower instead of running a bath saves 30 litres of water.
* A tap that drips once a second will waste 13 litres of water a day

Inside this issue:

Already this has been a half term full of highlights!
On Tuesday 10th June we were visited by Norwich City's "Football in the Community." All the children had a coaching session, which was a fantastic experience for them. Norwich City also kindly donated a signed football, which was auctioned at the carnival and raised 35.
As the new Headteacher I had no idea I would be expected to wear so many different outfits on various occasions. Easter Bonnets, an apron when cooking breakfast for Year Six and now my outfit on Saturday for the carnival, which was a sheet masquerading as a  dress for a goddess!
All the children looked wonderful on the school floats. We had taken the theme of stars and planets and were all dressed accordingly. Thank you to

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