teachers and children (especially Louis!) of the Little Norman Pre-School - thanks to the staff for their care and humour (a Madison requirement).
Thursday nights and Sunday mornings will seem strange for a long time to come without the bells of St. Andrews. And, we're even going to miss the honking of the "fish and chips" van every Friday night.
We'll be checking the Village Life website to keep up on Northwold happenings. We wish you all the very best.
Yours truly,
Jeff, Shelly and Madison Macloud
The Old Bakery, Northwold.
The Maclouds have given a donation towards "..the newsletter and garden fundraiser.." - we have passed all of this onto the Village Hall roof fund.

Hi Graeme,
I thought I would let you know that I did my skydive today at Old Buckenham Airfield. It was the most fantastic experience of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed all 6 minutes and 30 seconds of it! If possible would you put a small message in the next newsletter just to say thank you to everyone in the village who sponsored me. I managed to raise a total of 420, 170 of which was from people in Northwold alone! This was a brilliant amount of money to raise for The Anthony Nolan Trust as I only needed to get 300.

I would highly recommend skydiving to anyone who thinks they could do, it is breathtaking (literally)!
Thanks alot, Molly Waring

Inside this issue:

Dear Residents,
Thank you for making out three years in The Old Bakery in Northwold very memorable.
We're glad we made the wise decision to live "off base" during our short stay in England, and we couldn't have picked a better village.
Special thanks (and a very sad farewell) to Brenda and Alan. They've been so much more than neighbours to us and have treated our daughter Madison like family. Our stay wouldn't have been half as nice without their friendship. Special thanks also, and a fond adieu, to Johnny and Ann, who we've shared lots of wonderful conversations with and who never complained when lending us the spare key after having locked ourselves out of our own home. So long to Pauline, who always had kind and interesting things to say.
Shelly will also miss Nija - masseuse extraordinaire and fellow Aquarian - whose presence and kindness always put her at ease. Best of luck to Barry and Clare - enjoy your well-deserved new nest. Thanks to Mark Roberts for being so incredibly reliable when we needed help quickly at the end of his already long day. And cheers to Carol - hope your renovation project goes well.
Madison will sorely miss the

Molly prepares to make
her tandem sky dive!

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