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refurbishment of the Georgian building, required on a long cycle, including the urgent overhaul of the roof. The Hall Committee has decided to launch an appeal for 15,000, as a first step in refurbishment, after repeated failures to secure Lottery funding. Donations and ideas for fund raising are most welcome, gratefully received by the treasurer Jim Booty.
The next major event is the Village "Open Weekend" on July 12 - 13. Several gardens will open, refreshments available, and various stalls will be run. Please let us know if YOU can help.

Jim Booty

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Reports on activities, news and events in and around Northwold

A dance held in the Village Hall in aid of Hall funds raised 50. The event was organised by Janice King and "The Blues Tubes' provided the music.

Forget Me Not Club
Mr Lambourne from Feltwell showed slides of flowers and gardens, here and abroad.

On the 2nd of May Northwold School decided to brave the weather and have the traditional May Queen Ceremony. The Queen, Bryony Rust, led the children in procession accompanied by the King, Jacob O'Connor, Princesses Hannah and Harriet Shorthose, Princes Tommy Bell and Aiden Bond, guarded by Thomas Woods and Ryan Hood. Joshua Day was the Jester. The three classes performed dances round the Maypole watched by a large crowd of parents and friends, the whole event going very well, with everyone rather wet at the end.
Parish Council
The Annual Parish meeting received

reports from The Council Chairman, The Clerk and The Village Charities.
At the Council meeting Mr Jim Booty was re-elected Chairman, with Mrs rosemary Crisp Vice-Chair, and Mr Turver Highways Representative. Mr Turver and Mrs Lynch were welcomed as new members and Mr Darlow was co-opted. There are still two vacancies. The declarations of acceptance of office were signed and the declaration of interests organised.
The Education Foundation Trust deed is being modernised. The School parish project on the Church has been marked. The proposed new skate park will not need extra insurance, provided it is built properly, regularly inspected and fenced. Stoke Ferry bridge appears to have been lowered when it was strengthened, and boats have been damaged. Concern was expressed about traffic and access to the proposed development on Hall Lane.

Lunch Club
The monthly lunch was meat balls with vegetables and trifle, served by Bryony Rust and Hannah Shorthose. The lunch is open to anyone elderly or disabled.

Village Hall
Northwold's village hall faces a dilemma. The hall is the centre of the local community, supported by twenty five community groups and organisations. With a healthy bank balance, the Hall pays for itself and can fund repairs and redecoration. Income will not support the major

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