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Few of us like to admit to owning a problem dog but the fact is that difficult dogs are very common; affecting perhaps as many as 40% of dog owners. It may be something minor like jumping up or refusing to come when called or something serious, such as aggression or destructiveness.
Help is at hand for local dogs. Amy Bennett has recently completed a course in dog psychology and is now running a canine consultancy from her office in Thetford. She travels all over the area visiting owners and their dogs in their own homes to advise on how to treat the problem.
Treatment involves no pain or punishment for the dog, but requires hard work and patience from the owner! Amy says "Canine behaviour therapy is the application of psychological principles to modify a dogs behaviour for the benefit of both dog and owner".
So if your dog is no longer proving a pleasure-call in the dog psychologist!

Her company also provides:
Customers feel relaxed whilst they are at work, because they know their dog is receiving tender loving care from a professional. Amy can walk your dog on a route of your choice-around the block once or twice, to the common, or even to a dog's favourite place like the woods.
An alternative to putting your dog in kennels. Amy offers friendly professional pet care in your own home. Dog exercising and walking, bathing or brushing for the general well-being of your dog while you are away. Security checks - doors, windows etc. A welcome home pack can also be arranged.
Help is at hand for pet owners that have no means of transport.
Amy will collect you and your pet and take you to and from the vets.

Amy can be contacted as follows:
Office, Tel. 01842 820298
Home, Tel.

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