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Northwold's News
Jim Booty and Pam Eyles report on activities in and around Northwold

who could, and should, be represented on the trustees but never do.  (Yes, there is provision in Paragraph 8 for organisations not already mentioned). And there is one group who regularly use the hall (Tots & Co) who should consider being there when decisions are made.
Please let us help to support the hall and those trying to make it a viable asset for our community.

Pam Eyles

Village Hall - Update!
The Annual Meeting of Northwold Village Hall Trustees was held on Tuesday, 19th February. Thirteen members were present - special welcome to Tots & Co and P T F A. There was also two apologies.  John Haylock was re-elected chairman. Of the two Village representatives Wendy Lavender remains and, on the retirement of Ron Deacon, Pam Eyles was appointed to the other position.
The Hall had a balance of 6425 at the end of the year.
The kitchen roof has been renewed and it is hoped that news of the lottery bid will arrive at least by late Spring.
The next meeting is on March 26th, to arrange the Scarecrow weekend planned for July 6th/7th.  We appeal to village residents to show support by making a good display this year.

Pam Eyles & Jim Booty

Parish Council
Work on the new tennis court on the Recreation Ground should start in March.
The Village Cross plinth is to be faced with bricks, and the whole base repaired and waterproofed so that at last this historic monument will be a credit to the village. Perhaps the electricity company could now bury the wires that deface the area?
The Foolhardy Folk Circus has been invited to visit Northwold again this year.
Grass cutting tenders were received and the contract awarded to Mr. A. Jenkinson.
The state of the road surface in High Street and West End, following the resurfacing done last Autumn, has deteriorated and is in very poor condition.
The Council is very concerned about the recent sudden closure of Northwold Post Office, and has asked Consignia to sort it out.

Jim Booty

Village Hall
"The roof of the Village Hall will have to be done sooner or later because the nature has gone out of the pins."
That was the message given to me some

years ago by the late Mr John Gould "builder of this parish" (7.4.1895- 17.2.1994) - and father to Cecil.  Those of us who remember him can agree that he knew what he was talking about. 
At the time of writing we are still waiting to hear if our latest application for a lottery grant has been successful or not.   In the meantime the hall has to be looked after. Between the writing and the reading of these words the Village Hall Trustees will have held the Annual Meeting.
The Village Hall is a registered Charity, and when the last scheme was sealed, on 8th December, 1976 it indicated that the management committee shall consist of eighteen persons - two elected and sixteen representatives. Of the named organisations (to send reps.) seven no longer exist: Agricultural Union; British Legion; C of E Men's Society; Conservation Committee; Methodist Church; Odd Fellows and St John Ambulance Brigade. Because of the closing of the local St John I shall this year step down so that Jim Booty can take my place and be rep. for the Care Group. Of course this does not mean I cannot help - I expect my scones and shortbread will still be accepted for the scarecrow weekend.
However there are groups in the Village


The produce show annual meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 20th March, 2002 at 7.15pm. The accounts will be presented at this meeting and suggestions for inclusion in the shows schedule are welcomed. All those interested are invited to attend.

Tennis News
Construction of the tennis court on the recreation ground will begin in March and take about three weeks to complete, weather permitting. 
The first  Annual General Meeting of the Tennis Club will be held on Tuesday 26th March 2002 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome.

All Club members will be able to borrow rackets and coaching will be available. The Borough Council has agreed to provide a free coaching  course for Juniors during the summer.
If you would like any more information please contact me on 728227.

Carol Sharp

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