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Suffolk countryside were at their best. Whenever the view included the less salubrious aspects of 21st century living our gaze reverted to the inside of the carriage! After coffee had been served we decided to visit the on board shop. Much to my delight it was at the far end of the train. It gave us a golden opportunity to wander through all the carriages and have a look at their decoration. Some are in Art Deco style - very stylised. Others are rather more subtle, with the wood grain itself forming the design. Perhaps the most striking aspect is that the floors of the toilet compartments are mosaic! The designs, with the main subject depicted in white, complement the names of the carriages. All in all it was an absolutely fantastic experience. I'd definitely go again - once I've saved up!
Until next month, cheerio and take care.

Rita Nickles

Hello again. I have had two rather special experiences during February. The first was as I was driving home from work. It was at about 5.30pm and it had been one of those days where nothing seems to go as planned. When no matter what you do, somebody, somewhere, finds fault with your actions! I was on a very straight narrow road with wide grass verges on both sides. A large, white shape caught my eye and to my delight I realised it was a Barn Owl. It then proceeded to fly along the hedgerow that bordered the grass verges. Although I kept expecting it to veer away from the road I was lucky enough to be able to drive alongside for a distance of about a quarter of a mile. It was fascinating watching the bird as it dodged past the branches of the various trees that grow within the hedge. It certainly improved the quality of my day from that moment on!
The second resulted from an advertisement that I saw in one of the

local papers late in January. It was for a Valentines lunch on board the British Pullman Orient Express! It set out from Norwich mid morning and returned, via Ipswich and Harwich International, after a scrumptious lunch. The carriages have each been given a name and they are beautifully decorated in a variety of styles.  'Ours' had dark urns inlaid into a light, green washed holly wood. The way in which the wood veneers have been crafted is absolutely amazing. All of the tables were laid with white tablecloths, a small vase of fresh flowers and a brass table lamp. It felt like something out of a film set. The stewards were resplendent in their immaculate white jackets and soon we each had a glass of champagne. Lunch was soon served - all five courses!!! Each course was very well presented and tasted superb. It must take a very steady hand to be able to serve soup on the move - and without spilling a drop! The sunny weather ensured that the unfolding views of the Norfolk and

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