Saturday night at...
The Northwold
Palace of Variety

In late February, Northwold was a buzz with talk of the forthcoming St. Andrew's players production.
Folks were seen painting and erecting the stage, singing whilst walking the dog, and "sneaking" around to one secret location in West End for a "quick practice".

Preparations for the production didn't go without hitches - but with lots of community support, everything was prepared for the opening Thursday night.
For two hours per day (plus a Saturday Matinee), the company worked tirelessly to bring laughter,

tears, and excitement to sell-out audiences (and hopefully in the right order). The cast were rewarded with wonderful audience participation, and a thoroughly good time was had by all.
During the interval, refreshments were served by the Women's Institute, to musical entertainment from Carol Sharp and Jane de Silva.
Mr Mark Elwes undertook the imitable task of "Master of Ceremonies" - and was frequently spotted consulting his Thesaurus for  vocabulary of great prolongation.
Thanks must go those all those who worked behind the scenes beforehand and on the night, without whom the show would not have taken place.

Well done, everyone!

Closing number´┐Ż Jane Luckman performs a rousing "Rule Britannia", flanked by the cast