This gentleman played (violin I understand) in Norwich Philharmonic Orchestra as coincidentally I did years later. A teacher there too was named Crisp. I do remember her as well as Mr Coe. One of the other folk I knew in those early days was Tom Stimpson, with whom I kept in touch all his life. One little boy I also knew was ten years old, Henry Mee. I have been told he was the first motor fatality in Northwold. I went to his funeral - at the Chapel. We saw his actual "Broken" cross a few years ago, (In the cemetery)
It was getting near Christmas, 1919. I thought I was being helpful in getting some holly for the customary decoration. There was a holly tree in a little copse alongside the little bit of straight road from Little London towards Fred Carter's. So away I went; was soon up part of that tree. Then a voice from someone I hadn't seen:

"What are you doing? Come down". I obeyed. A gentleman - Mr Harboard , said, "Come with me". I followed him to his house, through some of his rooms to one, from which he took a sword from a wall. Without any preliminaries he took it from that wall with, "It belonged to my son - killed during the war. Follow me". A bit scared I did just that. With his height and the help of that weapon, he slashed off some sprigs of holly, gave them to me, with; "Never take anything without asking". I've remembered - (and hopefully acted on that) all my life.
Some sixty years later, on my visits to Northwold and looking at names on the war memorial I saw not one, but two Harboard names thereon depicted, of which one I remember was Anthony. Did he have two sons?
On two other occasions, (1)

fishing with bent pin and string over the Little Wissey bridge, (Not far from where the mill and cottage stood until 1924) a policeman came along and took me home to Mother: (2) Another time the same policeman came along when he saw me getting some wild raspberries in the nearby copse; took me home again. Oh Dear: terrible things for a ten years old boy to do!
I still visit relations in Northwold when able. What a wonderful thing is a good memory!
[Mr Michael Parfitt of this parish would like to make it known that he was not the Policeman in question - he claims to not be that old. Ed.]
Next month, we will print the first of what will be three parts of notes written about Northwold and the early 20th century by someone who lived in Northwold until 1994.

Northwold PTFA
Carnival 2003

This year we celebrate 25 years of the Northwold Carnival on Saturday 14th June.

The theme will be:

"All that Glitters"

We are hoping for a good turn-out of floats - in 1989 there were 22!

For further details, please contact Roger Preston, Deborah Durrance or anyone on the PTFA.

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