Well, it seems months since I've had to write an editorial - and in fact it is months as I've recently sacrificed it in order to fit-in more copy.
Actually, I'm not sure that anybody really wants to hear my whitterings (or as Caroline calls it, "how to waste 40 words")… but here goes anyway - and it might be more than 40.
After Christmas, the copy date for February's Village Life came around far too quickly - but at least we had plenty of copy… in fact far too much so apologies if your article didn't get published.
The realisation that February only consists of 28 days came late in the month, and Michael and I had gotten ourselves involved in more pressing activities - those of you who went to the Olde Tyme Music Hall might have
just spied Michael and myself on the stage? We've had to spend loads of time practicing (some might say not enough!), and in particular Michael

had to learn to play the guitar for his "Singing Postman" tribute.
Without wanting to show favouritism, I would like to thank all those involved "behind the scenes" for the Music Hall - those who constructed and painted the stage, made costumes, organised props, and "greeted and seated" the paying public. In particular, I'm sure all the cast would like to thank their family and friends for supporting them whilst preparing for and performing the production.
So, with the Music Hall over we've had to dive back into Village Life production - I hope you enjoy this month's edition and apologies that it's probably a "few days" late.
Finally, activity on the northwold.net web-site is getting busier, including news that it's being read in Canada. If you have friends or relatives who like to read about Northwold or Whittington, do tell them to visit the web-site at www.northwold.net - this has each month's Village Life, including higher quality colour photos.


Whittington News
Reports on activities, news and events in and around Whittington

Well done Whittington
Over the last year we have had a quiz night, auction, Barn Dance and Barbecue, and raised a total to date of £ 1637. 24p
In addition to items already purchased, i.e. tea urn and extension lead. We have also arranged to provide a Port a Loo, folding legs for the trestle tables and some roof maintenance.
Additional  heating and warming cabinet facilities are also available for both Church and Community events alike.
The bonus ball initiative has also been a great success. A total of £1,898 was raised, £1,111 of which has been handed to Whittington PCC for their fundraising efforts, the remainder being paid out in winnings.
A special thank you to Carol Gale for her hard work, both in setting the bonus ball up, and probably more

importantly, in keeping it going. Jenny Elsey has taken over the bonus ball so let's keep our payments coming in.
More community events are planned for 2003 - you can look forward to: -
April 25th Prize Bingo and Raffle Evening
June Barbecue and musical evening
October A Wine and Wisdom night - A quiz night in
December Watton Silver Band Concert and Carol Evening
We hope to see many of you at these events and thanks to those who have supported us so far.
Chairman Gil Watkins.
Treasurer Vanessa Hoare.
Secretary Carol Gale.
Members Pete Vigus, Chris Gale, Allison Handoll and Janet Burns.

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