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and also elected chairman. The Committee needs another representative from the public.

Jim Booty

Parish Council
The Foolhardy Folk Circus has been invited to the village again. Some information about the postal voting system for Parish and Borough elections in May was received. Of particular concern is the fact that voting will not be secret, and there is no check on the identity of voters. There was also no information on how to become a candidate.
Government proposals about fireworks were discussed. Laws already exist to control their use, but catching the misusers is not easy. The new fence beside the A 134 is causing problems to motorists, but apparently breaks no regulations.
Music Hall
Northwold St. Andrew's Players presented four performances of an Old Time Music Hall in the Village Hall, with Mark Elwes as Master of ceremonies. The programme of about 30 acts included songs old and new, poems and play-lets, with, of  course, audience participation. A full house greatly enjoyed themselves, appreciating both the talent of the artists, and the vast amount of work involved. The outstanding item was probably the 'Singing Postman' Mick Parfitt and Brenda Ayres. Many thanks to the organisers, especially Carol Sharp and Toni Arthur-Hay.
Care Group
The Care Group monthly lunch of

Shepherds pie with vegetables and steamed pudding was served to 17 members by Jasper Field and Chris Turver. We were delighted to have Mr Elbourne back form Hospital.
When the Northwold St Johns Cadets and Badgers were closed in 2001, the Care Group was left in limbo. Attempts to put things right have failed, and the Care Group has transferred from St John to Age Concern. The Lunch, Car Scheme and Nursing Loans will carry on as usual.

Village Hall

The Northwold Village Hall A.G.M. was held on Tuesday, 25th February. Chaired by Mr John Haylock. Mr Haye reported that to renew the main roof, without hidden damage or insulation, would cost 15,000. Several grant- making bodies have been contacted and will be considered at the next meeting on March 6th. The proposed garden weekend was changed to July 12th to avoid a clash with Weeting steam Rally.
The Chairman thanked Mr Haye and Mr Shephard for their efforts with the Lottery. The kitchen has been re-roofed and the kitchen and toilets redecorated and two new doors have been fitted.
Finance: Income 10,293, Expenses 4,976, Balance 5, 316.
Mrs Lavender and Mrs Eyles resigned from the Committee, and Mr Haye was chosen as a public representative,

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