The week Northwold was "all white"
(or was it the great snow fall, the great "white out", gridlock…?)

Late January/early February brought a week of wintry weather across the country - but whilst some areas escaped completely, others had sudden falls of several inches.
Northwold had snow on 31st Jan, resulting in the school being closed, and the main A134 passable with care.
A gas cylinder lorry went off the road near the lay-by at the top of the hill, and vehicles struggled to negotiate Whittington hill (in the upwards direction - progress was faster than expected going down!)
In all there was about of week of on/off snow fall and it would be fair to say that it was received with mixed emotions - depending on whether (a) school was closed, (b) you had to get to work, (c) you had to play snowballs and

Distribution of Village Life continued through the bad weather. It was collected from Kings Lynn on a day that Radio Norfolk said "..the Hardwick roundabout is impassable..", then all modern transport methods were employed to ensure rapid delivery to households… Rebekah Chilvers (pictured) delivering in Little London (powered by Dad, Martin).

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