with some help from Mr. Booty ( for which we are very grateful) constructed a scale model of the church and the village hall as well as producing a plan of the village from a map.
Class one are working very hard, they have produced some beautiful work about Elmer and the butterfly. I have been delighted to see how all the children who were new to Reception in January have made friends and settled in to school life.
We have had several visitors in to school this half term. The children always enjoy the visit by Martin Fisher who is the Bishop's visitor to schools. He spends time in each class and takes Assembly. He has told us part of a story each time he has been in school so we are awaiting his next visit to find out what happens in the third installment!
As you are probably aware the school was closed due to the severe weather on the thirty first  of January which meant the Blue Peter Bring and Buy Sale had to be cancelled. I am pleased to say it went ahead on the fourteenth of February. I

congratulate all Year six pupils who spent a great deal of time sorting and pricing items for the sale.

Mrs Marion Dawe, Headteacher

Bring and Buy Sale
I would just like to say to all the parents who brought in toys, games, books etc, thank you.
The sale is to support 'Blue Peter' in collecting money to buy new pump houses and taps for people in Tanzania and Uganda. Since we have had notices up in the school we have been flooded with things people don't want anymore and knitted dolls which we will send to the Ukraine Foundation.
There are a number of stalls ranging from cakes, a 50p stall, books, toys etc.
Thank you again for all the donations and the people who brought goods. We hope we won't  be snowed off again!

Holly Garrod (Class Three)

The children and staff have had a busy and interesting half term. Class three are learning about slippers as part of their design and technology work so we all joined in and had a slipper wearing day. I have never seen such a magnificent range of slippers. We saw every kind of creature from ladybirds to dinosaurs!
Class three are also working very hard on the Parish Project. They have been out and about in the village and visited the church on two occasions.
Class two are learning about the Romans in History and have had an opportunity to dress someone from  the class in a toga. Class two are also learning about the locality in which they live. The children have,

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