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I've received a few reports of residents not receiving copies of Village Life - please, please if you are a resident of Whittington or Northwold and do not receive a copy, contact Mark Elwes on 728795.
To the many contributors to Village Life - a big "Thank you" - without regular copy, we would be lost. Any contributors who do not live here can also collect a copy of Village Life from myself - just let me know.
Finally, whilst I'm not actually spotted around Northwold too often, my wife Caroline has become an un-official representative of Village Life. Thank you Caroline for all the phone calls and envelopes you take on my behalf. xxx


After last month's delays, I'm hoping we're back on the straight and narrow now.
As the weather's has improved over the past few weeks, everyone's thoughts are turning to outside events.
In Northwold, there's a whole host of exciting things to do almost every weekend - we have the scarecrow weekend, Golden Jubilee celebrations and of course the Carnival.
Each of these events take considerable organisation - please support them whenever you can.
Michael tells me that he's received positive comments about Village Life - but as he says, that just means we have to try and maintain the

Whittington's News
Allison Handoll reports on activities in and around Whittington

Review meeting
A review of events was held on Saturday 13th April, 2002 at Christchurch in Whittington. A special thanks to all those who came along and demonstrated support for this project.
Rev. Nigel Tuffnell gave an encouraging report on the building improvements planned for the Church. It looks as though we may be able to have temporary toilet facilities and a water supply before too long. (Good news for those of us brave enough to have used Janet's 'Portaloo' and tent).
Janet Burns provided us with a comprehensive report on the events to date. A total of 6 events have raised an impressive 996.59p.
The meeting voted overwhelmingly to continue with events and a programme for

the future is already in the pipeline. For future events to be successful we are desperate for:-
a) Ideas
b) People to organise events
c) Help with events
d) As many of you as possible to support the events

For more information contact:-
              Gil xxxxxx
              Vanessa xxxxxx
              Alison xxxxxx

Stop Press
There is a Whittington School Reunion on Sat. June 8th. Contact Janet Allen - xxxxxx or Mary Cross - xxxxx.

Allison Handoll

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