Northwold's News
Jim Booty and Pam Eyles report on activities in and around Northwold

Parish Council
Repairs to the High Street are scheduled for August, nearly a year after Highways did the damage. Some vandalism was reported, and three names are to be forwarded to the Police for information. Prices are to be sought for metal junior soccer goalposts.
Proposals for Ward boundary changes were received;  Northwold would prefer to share a District Councillor with Methwold, rather than be part of an enormous 3  - Member ward.
The Code Of Conduct and Declaration of Interest will be signed at the next meeting.
Councillors are dismayed at the amount of 'Squit' sent every month at our expense by public bodies. One letter this month dated April 2nd invited us to a meeting on March 18th
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 23rd April, at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. ANY parishioner can attend and raise any subject.

Village Hall
The recent health inspection report was satisfactory but the kitchen and toilets need re-decorating. The exterior is to be painted. For the fifth time our lottery application has failed. Mr Shephard has agreed to try again. More response from the public is needed and a survey is to be organised.. Programmes for Scarecrow Weekend on July 6th - 7th agreed.

Forget Me Not Club
Toni Arthur-Hay spoke of childhood 50 years ago, bringing back many memories.

Produce Show

Don't forget that this year's show will be on Saturday 7th September, with all entries to be notified on the 6th. The Committee would love to see more entries.

Jim Booty

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