create the bonnets was very impressive. It was good too to see so many of our parents and The Little Normans joining us for our Easter fun. Our grateful thanks go to Miss Jane Luckman who had the difficult task of finding  thirteen winners and to our PFTA who provided the chocolate eggs for our prizes.
Future events coming soon are as follows:-
May Day Celebrations on Thursday 2nd May.
Reserve May Day Thursday 9th May.
Football Tournament Thursday 23rd May.
Reserve Football Tournament Fri 24th May.
Carnival Saturday 8th June.

Chris Watts

1st Northwold Brownies

The Summer Term is now underway; unfortunately , we now have only 11 Brownies. If you have a daughter of the right age and you think they might enjoy joining in with games, earning badges and learning new skills that they may find invaluable as they grow up - bring them along to our meetings on Monday evenings (during term time only) from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Sports and Social Club, Hovells Lane, Northwold. We would love to see them and we need new members to keep the pack going. Subs are £8 a term - very good value for money.
During this term we will be holding an Open Evening and Cake Sale on Monday, 13th May at the Sports and Social Club - please come along and support us and see what we do; running a Biscuit and Cookie stall at the Carnival; holding a Sponsored Silence (after half term) and ending the term, weather permitting, with a barbecue at Tawny's house. We are also hoping to make a return visit to Thetford Police Station to complete our Crime Prevention badge and visit the Fire Station at Methwold.
If you want any further details about becoming a Brownie or about any of the above, please contact Jane Hassey on xxxxxx or Bridget Chilvers on xxxxxx.

Bridget Chilvers

News of our School Clubs from the mouths of children...

Laura Bond says, 'Netball is fun…Art is very cool…cookery is really good…Drama is wicked…'
Drama Club is on a Monday and run by Mrs Gregory. We started by building up a story line, making up a title and working out characters. In the Spring Term we started bringing clothes to school that our character wears. We are rehearsing and writing the script. Now don't tell anyone will you but we've even added one or two dances! Now I'll tell you one more thing. The play is called …THE HAUNTING 2002-04-20
Holly Garrod
I do four after school clubs and Cookery is my favourite one. I was in the first group, with Sophie, Emily,Elizabeth, Nick and Jack. I liked this club because I like cooking. The first week we made Lemon Fairy cakes with lemon icing. The second week we made Flapjacks. Then in the third week we did Sausage Rolls and on the fourth and final session we made Gingerbread Men. The teacher of the group was Mrs Ward. I loved doing Cookery Club and I hope for me it comes around again. I want to thank Mrs Ward for helping us with cooking.
Rebecca Roberts
The Easter Bonnet parade.
The parade was a colourful delight with almost everyone sporting either a bonnet or a mask. Class 3 were told they could create masks this year, as in their art lessons they had been designing and making a variety of masks. It seemed a logical conclusion to their school work. We had Easter chicks, a watering can, flowerpots, nests, rabbits, gardens and cars. You name it, there was a bonnet for it. The range of materials used to

To Tsung

You're the best in the world,
I remember you when you were curled,
Why did you die so fast?
Couldn't you have been the last?

I will never forget you in my heart or brain
But it will never be the same.
I will love you all my life in my soul,
And you are very bold.

Minstrel will miss you very much
With her sweet touch.
All of them already miss you
But remember we love you we do, WE DO.

With love all the family and Nana, Pushkin, Tigre, Cheeky and mostly Minstrel and Brandy Too.

Written by Anthea Graham, aged 10, after the death of her grandparent's Siamese cat called Tsung.

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