Turn off electricity and gas when not needed - don't leave appliances such as TVs on standby and it is NOT more expensive to turn lights on and off.
Use water wisely - don't leave taps running when you clean your teeth; get 'drips' fixed and choose water-efficient domestic appliances.
Insulate your home - insulate walls AND lofts (up to 6/8 inches thick and you could save 70 a year).
Make fewer car journeys and share some of those you do make - give a lift to a friend, or park at the station and go some way by train or bus.
Walk or cycle sometimes - you may feel fit and healthier.
Maintain and tune your car properly - get more miles to the gallon and reduce dangerous substances.
Please keep your ideas or comments coming in.

For anyone that email's Nigel, his email address has changed to tuffnell@aol.com Ed.

The aim of this column is to publicise good ideas for both the committed and the reluctant environmentalist. Thank you to those of you who wrote in to me.
You will find some of your ideas here. Please keep writing to me at the address above and together we might just make a difference.
Firstly I am really pleased that we have those green recycling boxes and wheelie bins that aren't too big so we have to recycle. But there are problems as one of you pointed out to me. One problem is that the green boxes are too small and don't have lids so instead of recycling we're littering. A green wheelie bin would seem the best option but until then please keep using the green boxes put things in old carrier bags or try putting something heavy on top.
Plastic carrier bags: We each use and throw away over 300 plastic bags each year. Most plastic bags are used once before ending up in landfill. Once buried plastic bags can take 300 years to break down. We can reduce the number of plastic bags we

use by taking re-useable bags with us when we go shopping. Plastic bags that we do end up with can be reused and then recycled at recycling points provided by many supermarkets.
On the theme of re-using things I was told that a leaky hot water bottle, half filled with sand makes an excellent garden kneeler. Also old boots, filled with soil, make interesting garden planters.
If, like me, you love oranges don't throw the peel away. Fresh peel on the flowerbeds deters cats, dry peel makes an excellent fire lighter and any peel can be composted.
Finally support your milkman. Glass milk bottles are re-used 30 times, not once like plastic bottles or cartons. This reduces waste and even if you recycle your plastic re-use is better for the environment than recycling. Buying your milk from the milkman also helps to support and safeguard a threatened local amenity.
A few more ideas from "the Green Code: http://www.greencode.org.uk/" :

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