lucky where we lived as we managed to get two of three pails full each day. But that was for drinking only , an all the rest that was needed we had to carry from the rivers and they were getting low at that time. But we managed to keep going. We all had to help each other. Three of us would get together and away we used to go with two washing baths and two pails and would share it out when we got home. Perhaps we might fill up twice in one day ,as they were all big families, and lots of washing to be done. I did manage to get a few weeks work during that spell with a jobbing builder. He had some orders to go down the wells and make them a little deeper so that the spring could work again, not a very nice job, but I was earning a few shillings, but that didn't last very long. As soon as the rain came the wells were alright again. A few more weeks passed and I got a job on one of the farms. It was a seven days a week job from 7 o'clock in the morning till five o'clock at night feeding pigs and any other general work that had to be done. I was still fed up with life although it did help me to forget the unemployment, but it was all over the country.
Just at that time a young bricklayer, a pal of mine had seen a job advertised in Leicester and had wrote for it and got it and he could take a labourer with him. He came and asked me it I would go with

him. I thought it over and I decided to try it as there was no sign of getting regular jobs at home. Well we got there and started work it was alright but the job didn't last long enough so we were soon on the move again and of cause, there was more unemployment in the towns. Any way we made our way back to London and got a job in Acton on a building site, but there again the job didn't last very long. Well we had tried very hard to get work, and my pal was getting fed up so he decided to go home again, hoping that something would show up for him. He was a married man and I think he missed home, but I was single so I only had my-self to look after.
In the mean-time I had a Brother working in London in fact two, one for the City Corporation and the other in the London Fire Brigade. So I wrote to them and told them what was happening. I had a reply back and was invited to have a weeks holiday with each of them and to try my luck again to see if I could get a job. Well as every-body knows unemployment in London was worse than ever; again I began to get fed up and was going back home, but as luck would have it I stayed another week with my Brother and his family. Till one night he came home from work and he had heard that a Public Works Contractor was starting a new job and that he wanted some labourers and

advised me to try for a job. So I was up nice and early the hest morning as I knew they started work at 7 o'clock so I thought I would be first, as I knew my brother had spoken to the Foreman about me wanting a job so it made it much easier for me. Any way as soon as I saw him he asked me my name and he said yes start strait away, which I did and I was well pleased to get another chance. They were just going to start to put a new sewer in. It was hard work but my other jobs had been hard work so that didn't make much difference to me it was a job of work and that's what I had been looking for. Well it wasn't long before I got settled in and enjoyed the work, as I found out that the men I was working with had been with the firm for several years, and they told me that they would help and show me how to carry on, and I would be alright. Another thing I found out was that they were nearly all country lads and like me had come to London to get work. Any way Saturday come round I had been at work for a week 48 hours and my taking home money was 2.19.6 and out of that I had to pay my board and lodging and 4 shillings a week train fare. I suppose living with my brother and family I got let off a bit light. So I still had a few shillings to my-self.

...continued next month.

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