We're really heading into the summer season now - it's almost May and that means just 6 (yes, SIX) weeks until the Northwold carnival.
Everyone who's decorating a float will be busily making "creations" each evening - which invariably means going to work the next day with paint and PVA glue still stuck to your hands! - you know who you are.
Of course the children will be oblivious to all the background mayhem - they just turn-up on the day of the carnival to a magical procession of floats and all sorts of costumes that their parents just "found lying around".
Let's hope that this year will be the best ever - both for enjoyment and funds raised.
I believe we owe a massive debt of gratitude to Northwold residents who have kept the carnival going over the past 25 years. At some point, carnival processions in other villages have been allowed to fade away - always due to lack of support. Northwold deserves a hearty "pat on the back" for both keeping the carnival going, and for it being a carnival to be proud of.
I'll see you there!



We meet at The Sports & Social Club, Hovells Lane, Northwold on Monday evenings from 6pm to 7.30pm. Jane Hassey (xxxxxx) is Brown Owl and Bridget Chilvers (xxxxxx) is Tawny Owl and further information can be had from them.
We are hoping to have a float at Carnival this year, as well as our usual stall. We are also planning to have a stall during the village's 'open weekend' in July and possibly hold another sponsored event during the term to raise very much needed funds. Please support us if you can.
This is an exciting year for the Brownie section of Girlguiding UK. Major changes in the programme are due to come into place from September. Tawny Owl is going to Dereham for training in May and will be able to explain the changes to the Brownies after that. As we are now the only uniformed organisation for children in the village, help and support of any kind is, and will be, most gratefully accepted.

Bridget Chilvers

During the Spring Term the Brownies have been busy practising for their First Aid badge. We all greatly enjoyed a visit from a local paramedic, from seeing his car, with lights flashing and sirens blaring, to looking at all the equipment that he carries with him and being able to test some of it on ourselves!
We have also made heart-shaped coasters for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day cards and bunches of tissue paper flowers and Easter boxes, which had to be filled with chocolate eggs, of course! We have played plenty of games and the girls have completed several different challenges towards their Journey badges.
Our Summer Term started on Monday, 28th April. We are desperately in need of girls to join our Pack, as we now have under 10 Brownies. We would like to invite any girl aged between 7 and 10 years, who is interested in becoming a Brownie, to come along to our meetings to see what fun we have!

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