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from previous kneelers will be gratefully received, as it is useful to work the letters and numbers in a contrasting colour.
If required I am also happy to help anyone preferring to use their own canvas and yarn but I must point out that the pad should be purchased  from Jacksons - to match the other kneelers. As you might expect it will be much cheaper to order in a batch all together rather than send for individual items. All orders to me as soon as possible please.

Pam Eyles

Reports on activities, news and events in and around Northwold

Parish Council
Verity Lynch, who will join the Council in may, was welcomed by the Chairman. A request was received for a single concrete skate board area to be put on the Recreation Ground. The Council agreed in principle, subject to funding, agreement on site and sufficient voluntary help. Several skateboarders attended the meeting.
The Parish Precept this year has gone up from 5000 to 7000. This follows 3 years of reductions, and is still less than it was in 1995. The main parish expenses are the Clerk's wages, Grass Cutting and Street lighting, with smaller amounts for the litter warden, Churchyard maintenance, hedge trimming etc.
Three volunteers have constructed an area for the internment of ashes at the Cemetery, which looks lovely. Thanks to Des Palmer, Barry Jones and Scott Waters.
There will be no parish election this year, as there are only 8 candidates for 11 seats. The borough election is also a farce, since in the Denton Ward there are 4 candidates for 3 seats. Postal voting may be a good idea in theory, but without candidates the electorate have no choice.
Village hall
Northwold Village Hall Committee, having had six lottery applications rejected, decided that Northwold will have to raise the money to repair the

hall roof themselves.
A dance will be held at the Hall on April 26th.
The Village will be "Open" on July 12th 13th, with gardens open to visitors, stalls, raffles and so on, and lunches and refreshments on sale.

Lunch Club
This Month's menu was roast Chicken with vegetables, and rhubarb crumble. Louise, Rachael and Claire Booty were waitresses, but the number of customers was disappointing.
Forget Me Not Club
The Northwold Club held it's annual Easter service, led by Jackie, with guests from Stoke Ferry. We also celebrated Freda Sutterby's 90th birthday.

Jim Booty

Embroidered Kneelers
for St. Andrew's Church
Following the brief item in a previous Village Life, below is the following information for anyone thinking of making kneelers.
Kits from Jacksons of Hebden Bridge cost around 30.60. Each kit comprises:-
Canvas with printed design ; Needle; moth proofed wool; cloth for the base and an inner pad. The canvas size is 7 stitches per inch. I will readily help to design commemorative kneelers, including initials and dates. Any wool left over

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