During the last year or so there have been several thefts from sheds and gardens. These include 4, Trials type motor bikes, two of which were in a garage, one actually in the house and one in a shed in a garden. Almost an entire set of seats and cushions from a good quality towing caravan in a yard near to the house, and recently a very large Wedgewood urn from a garden, which would take two people to carry.
The people doing this must either live in the village or not very far away, as they seem to have a good idea where things are. If you see anyone taking particular interest in other people's places just make a note of it and I will file it away. You never know, we may just hit on the right one in the end.

Michael Parfitt


News direct from
Norfolk Police:
Thieves are currently targeting power tools in West Norfolk. They are breaking into sheds and garages to steal these items. Please warn your members to be aware of this and to ensure that these valuable items of property are secure at all times, do not make easy for the thief.
Marking your property with your postcode and alarming your sheds and garages are very effective

deterrents in the fight against crime. Information regarding both methods is available from me on 01553 776447.
If you would like further advice on security, please don't hesitate to contact your local Crime Prevention Officer on 01553 665037.
Police Officers will be checking the markets and car boot sales in our area looking for stolen power tools.
The following have been brought to the notice of the Police and are thought to be Scams.
1) A male is distributing Yellow leaflets/Tickets supposedly for the Air Ambulance. There is no Charity number on these items and the Air Ambulance uses only Blue literature.
2) Telephone calls purporting to be from the Electricity Board offering to 'Look over' homes to check the Electrical wiring, fuse boxes etc.
Please be on your guard if contacted by either of the above and remember:

  • Always ask for ID.
  • Phone the Company to check if the call is genuine.
  • DO NOT phone the company if the number given is to a mobile telephone number.
  • If in doubt, contact Norfolk Police 01953 424242.

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Caroline Whiting

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